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A Walk on the Wild Side

Filled with facts and over 60 creatures

by Louis Thomas

Meet a colourful cast of 65 unique animal friends in this album that brings together creatures big and small, captured in fine detail from wildlife-lover Louis Thomas. ...

ISBN: 9781847808783

Binding: Hardback


A Year Full of Stories

52 folk tales and legends from around the world

by Angela McAllister

This treasury of 52 stories collects together a rich resource of myths, fairy tales and legends from around the world, with a story for every week of the year. ...

ISBN: 9781847808592

Binding: Hardback




Steve Carrell ;the Pretend Asshole Ari Gold ;the Hollywood Asshole Simon Cowell ;the Trying-Too-Hard Asshole Mickey Rourke ;the Reformed Asshole Barney Stintson ;the True Asshole To truly be an asshole is an art form. It requires the ...

ISBN: 9781598699104

Binding: Paperback


A-Maze-ing Minotaur

by Juliet Rix

ISBN: 9781847806543

Binding: Paperback


ABC & Color Me

The art of hand-lettered doodling for kids

by Valeria Cis

Featuring step-by-step, interactive projects, <i>ABC & Color Me</i> combines doodling and hand-lettering for a fun exploration of how to hand-letter your own alphabet in fun, quirky ways. ...

ISBN: 9781633221703

Binding: Paperback


ABC London

by James Dunn

ISBN: 9781847804952

Binding: Paperback


ABC Mindful Me

ABCs for a happy, healthy mind & body

by Christiane Engel

See each letter of the alphabet paired with a word that teaches young children important mindfulness topics, like compassion, breathing, empathy, gratitude, and kindness. ...

ISBN: 9781633225107

Binding: Board book


ABC Spanish (Little Concepts)

Take a fun journey through the alphabet and learn some Spanish!

by Aless Baylis

A fun family read, <i>ABC Spanish </i>pairs each letter of the Spanish alphabet with the Spanish word for a popular animal, its English translation, and a beautiful illustration. ...

ISBN: 9781633222830

Binding: Hardback


Actual Size

by Steve Jenkins

Just how big is a crocodile? What about a tiger or the world's largest spider? Animals large and small are illustrated at actual size! ...

ISBN: 9781847806338

Binding: Paperback


Adam & Sarah explore Turner

by Betty Churcher

<p>Betty Churcher wrote and illustrated this story about Adam and Sarah as a way to talk to young readers about the paintings of the great British artist, JMW Turner. The boy, called Adam was probably a real boy sketched by Turner on Scarborough

ISBN: 9780642334374

Binding: Hardback


Adventivity House

by Laura Hambleton

<i>Adventivity House</i> is an Advent calendar and activity book rolled into one! ...

ISBN: 9781784933715

Binding: Paperback



by Media Adams

Think outside the puzzle with Adventure Tales Blackout Games! Combining the simplicity of word search with the creativity of magnetic poetry, this clever book dares you to black out words and phrases and transform classic pieces of literature ...

ISBN: 9781440532757

Binding: Paperback


Adventures in History

by Richard Unglik

Richard Unglik, a professional photographer and child at heart, uses Playmobil figurines and scenery to depict the most iconic people, places, and time periods throughout history. ...

ISBN: 9781633221857

Binding: Hardback


Aesop's Fables (Barnes & Noble Collectible Classics: Children’s Edition)

by Aesop

<p>This beautiful volume features more than 200 of Aesop’s fables, selected for young readers and illustrated with engravings and color plates by Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane, and Ernest Griset. It includes such classics as: <i>The Boy Who Cried

ISBN: 9781435163829

Binding: Hardback


After Earth


Go beyond After Earth with this unique, in-universe journey into the world of the United Ranger Corps. From the history of the Rangers, to humanity's exodus from Earth, and the ongoing battle against the Skrel, a fearsome alien race, the United ...

ISBN: 9781608872350

Binding: Hardback



by Bernard Ashley

ISBN: 9781847800558

Binding: Paperback


Ahmed and the Feather Girl

by Jane Ray

ISBN: 9781847803535

Binding: Paperback


Alexander Calder

by Sylvie Delpech

ISBN: 9781847802859

Binding: Paperback


Alice-Miranda 2017 Diary

by Jacqueline Harvey

<b>The 2017 Alice-Miranda diary is the most endlessly entertaining diary you'll ever own!</b><BR><BR>With a week-by-week calendar for writing down all the special events in your year, there are also recipes, quizzes and quotes from the ...

ISBN: 9780857989925

Binding: Hardback


Alien Saga


Relive all the fear and excitement of one of the most popular movie sagas of all time with Alien Saga - The Poster Collection. The slavering xenomorph from the Alien movies has been stalking the big screen for more than thirty years now, ...

ISBN: 9781608872282

Binding: Paperback