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Princess Kevin

by Michael Escoffier, Roland Garrigue (Illustrator)

This year, Kevin is going to the school fancy dress show as a princess. His costume is perfect but somehow things dont go quite a smoothly as he planned. Next year, there is only one thing for it. He will just have to be something even ...

ISBN: 9780711254336

Binding: Hardcover


Pumpkins and Aliens Nelson 1

Nelson 1

by Andrew Levins, Katie Kear (Illustrator)

Meet Nelson . . . he's an ordinary kid, just like you. Everyone thinks he's shy but, really, he's just bored. Nelson hates vegetables. He hates the smell of them, he hates the look of them. Most of all, he hates eating them. But what if ...

ISBN: 9781760893347

Binding: Paperback


Puppy Talk - Opposites

by J.C. Coates

Ten playful puppies want to talk about opposites! Young dog lovers get to know cuddly puppies by name in this cutely photographed concept book about opposites. Max the Boston terrier and his friends show the difference between near and ...

ISBN: 9781925972047

Binding: Board Book


Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

by Lorna Scobie

Rabbit loves being the only child in the family. <Br><br> But when rabbit’s parents have some news, and then more news, things start to get awfully crowded at home. <br><br> Maybe the fox next door can ...

ISBN: 9781407192499

Binding: Paperback


Raymie's Nightingale

by Kate DiCamillo

<p>New York Times bestselling author Kate DiCamillo returns to her roots with a moving yet witty story of an unforgettable summer friendship. For fans of Jacqueline Wilson, David Almond and Katherine Rundell.</p> <p> In he...

ISBN: 9781406373189

Binding: Paperback


Real Pigeons Peck Punches

Real Pigeons Book 5

by Andrew McDonald, Ben Wood (Illustrator)

Ever wonder why pigeons always act so weird? It’s because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and saving your butts!

ISBN: 9781760502911

Binding: Paperback


Red Day

by Sandy Fussell

Set in a modern-day small town among the remnants of a Japanese POW camp, this is the story of Charlie. Charlie has synaesthesia and hence sees and hears differently: people have auras; days of the week are coloured; numbers and letters ...

ISBN: 9781760651886

Binding: Paperback



Our Place

by Aunty Fay Muir, Sue Lawson, Lisa Kennedy (Illustrator)

'Dream team Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson, who previously brought us the excellent Nganga: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander words and phrases, have collaborated with artist Lisa Kennedy to deliver this absolutely exquisi...

ISBN: 9781925936315

Binding: Hardcover


Rise Up

by Amanda Li

<p>Here are 29 tales of amazing young girls and boys who have achieved the unimaginable - from surviving a plane crash in the jungle to inventing creative ways to rid our oceans of plastic. There are tales of triumph over ill...

ISBN: 9781925870824

Binding: Hardcover


Robin Hood

Hacking, Heists & Flaming Arrows

by Robert Muchamore

You can't go far without a quick brain and some rule-bending in a place like Locksley. After its vast car plants shut down, the prosperous town has become a wasteland of empty homes, toxic land and families on the brink. And it doesn't ...

ISBN: 9781471408618

Binding: Paperback


Rocky Lobstar #1: Rocky to the Rescue

by Rove McManus

<p>Hi! I'm Rocky Lobstar. I'm part-boy, part lobster! </p> <p>Rocky is the star of Felidi's Fabulous Sideshow Carnival. But the show can't go on without a crowd!</p> <p>Can Rocky and his friends come up with a plan to s...

ISBN: 9781760664930

Binding: Paperback


Rocky Lobstar #2

Time Travel Tangle!

by Rove McManus

'Hi! I'm Rocky Lobstar. Im part-boy, part-lobster! Rocky and his best mate, Goober, accidentally break Mr Felidis prized tea set. But as luck would have it, a visiting professor has brought her time machine along to Felidis Fabulous ...

ISBN: 9781760665067

Binding: Paperback


Roly Poly Panda

Wee Gallery Cloth Books

by Surya Sajnani

<p> Open out the soft pages of this beautiful, sensory-rich cloth book to follow Roly Poly Panda through the trees as she explores her forest home and listens out for her friends. Presented in a sweet gift box, the pages are made with ...

ISBN: 9780711244863

Binding: Not Supplied By Publisher


Ronaldo Rules

by Simon Mugford, illustrated by Dan Green

Filled with quizzes, stats and little known facts, plus illustrated and told with all the fun of a Tom Gates novel, the Football Superstars series is perfect for young readers five and up.<br><br> Is Cristiano Ronaldo your...

ISBN: 9781783125333

Binding: Paperback


Roo Knows Blue

by Renee Treml

ISBN: 9780143790327

Binding: Hardcover


Ruby Red Shoes

My Wonderful Grandmother

by Kate Knapp


ISBN: 9781460758885

Binding: Hardcover


Rules For Vanishing

by Kate Alice Marshall

<p style="font-weight:bold; font-style: italic;"> Cross The Blair Witch Project with Stranger Things and you’ve got Rules for Vanishing: a skin-crawling story that grows more unsettling with every step…</p> <p style="font...

ISBN: 9781406393149

Binding: Paperback


Say Cheese!

by Frances Watts, Marjorie Crosby-Fairall (Illustrator)

Maxwell Mouse the photographer is trying to take school photos at South Furriest Public School. But some students just won't stay still! And others won't look at the ...

ISBN: 9781760664046

Binding: Hardcover


Scary Mary and the Stripe Spell

Monty's Island 1

by Emily Rodda, Lucinda Gifford (Illustrator)

Monty lives on a perfect island in the middle of a magical sea. Sometimes the sea throws up something interesting … and Monty goes on an amazing ...

ISBN: 9781760529857

Binding: Paperback


Scribble Witch: Notes in Class

Scribble Witch: Book 1

by Inky Willis

When Molly's best friend announces that she's moving to a new school, a blue Wednesday becomes the Worst Wednesday Ever.<Br><br> That is until some unexpected magic brightens up Molly's day. Notes, a tiny paper witch who has been ...

ISBN: 9781444951653

Binding: Hachette Children's Group