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Mighty Minotaur

Rise of the Mythix 2

by Anh Do, Chris Wahl (Illustrator)

The minotaur will be recognised by his strength. Kelly doesn't believe in ancient prophecies. Then again, up until recently, she also didn't believe a horn could grow out of her forehead. Now the Collector is holding her mother ...

ISBN: 9781760876401

Binding: Paperback


Misfits in the Wild

by Melissa Stewart, Stephanie Laberis (Illustrator)

Everyone admires animals that are big and fast and strong. But this book isn’t about them. Misfits in the Wild is about the unsung underdogs of the animal world that normally barely get a ...

ISBN: 9781925972467

Binding: Hardcover


Monkey's Tail

A Tiger & Friends book

by Alex Rance, Shane McGowan (Illustrator)

Howler Monkey was one of the best climbers in the whole jungle - until the day he landed on his tail with a big thump.<br><br> He kept smiling and playing with his friends, but on the inside he was very sad… What if he could never ...

ISBN: 9781760524487

Binding: Allen & Unwin


Mummy Days

by Sue deGennaro

Some days are full of tree climbing, cloud watching, and games of hide-and-seek. Other days are for rushing through the shops or answering emails. But no matter what kind of Mummy Day it is, there's always fun to be had and hugs to be ...

ISBN: 9781760505349

Binding: Hardcover


Nali and Friends #2


by Dan Sultan, Rhys Graham, Tali Gal-on (Illustrator)

Nali meets a new friend, Bwindi. Bwindi is a very windy gorilla. And so are her whole ...

ISBN: 9781743836378

Binding: Hardcover



Nee Naw Goes Bananas

Nee Naw

by Deano Yipadee, Paul Beavis (Illustrator)

The monkeys escaped, and the driver felt glum, until Nee Naw arrived with a bandage for his bum. NEE NAW! NEE NAW! Im a little fire engine. NEE NAW! NEE NAW! Im happy Im me. Another totally appealing side-splitting rescue from the creators ...

ISBN: 9781775436195

Binding: Hardcover



by Katharine Orton

<p> A gorgeous, snowy adventure, set in the wilds of Siberia, full of magic and wonder, for junior readers. </p> <p> A world of magic is only a whisper away… </p> <p>Born in a Soviet prison camp, Lina has never seen the...

ISBN: 9781406385182

Binding: Paperback


Ninja Clones

Ninja Kid: Book 5

by Anh Do

Robot Nelson and Robot Kenny are faster, smarter and better dancers! <br><br> But when the clones spin out of control at school camp, can the REAL Nelson and Kenny SAVE THE ...

ISBN: 9781743835128

Binding: Paperback


No Place for an Octopus

by Claire Zorn

No Place for an Octopus is a sweet and sensory journey about an unusual friendship between a boy and an octopus. After discovering an octopus in the rock pools at the beach, the boy imagines all of the adventures they could share if he ...

ISBN: 9780702262609

Binding: Hardcover


Nonna Knows Best

by Jaclyn Crupi

In Nonna Knows Best, Jaclyn Crupi celebrates the passion, generosity of spirit and good old- fashioned wisdom of nonnas and shares the secrets that make them so special, including mouth-watering recipes from la cucina della nonna (nonna’s ...

ISBN: 9781925972627

Binding: Hardcover


One Of Us Is Next

by Karen McManus

Truth or Dare turns deadly in the new explosive thriller from the author of One of us Is Lying Introducing: ONE OF US IS NEXT. Welcome back to Bayview High . . . It is a year after the action of One of Us Is Lying, and someone has ...

ISBN: 9780241376928

Binding: Paperback



by Ingrid Schubert, Dieter Schubert

From the first moment of seeing the terrier in The Umbrella, it was clear that the Schuberts have a knack for capturing expressive animals. In Opposites, the Schuberts have a blast as they present contrasts far beyond big and small. Best ...

ISBN: 9781788070409

Binding: Hardcover


Ottilie Colter and the Withering World

The Narroway Trilogy

by Rhiannon Williams

Now, the huntsmen are under attack – by something far worse than dredretches. A witch is cursing them one by one, making them unwilling participants in a vengeful scheme. But what, exactly, is she planning – and will Ottilie...

ISBN: 9781760501181

Binding: Paperback


Otto Tattercoat and the Forest of Lost Things

by Matilda Woods, Duncan (Illustrator)

An enchanting, wintry middle grade adventure for fans of Kiran Millwood Hargrave and Abi Elphinstone. Otto lives in the frozen city of Hodeldorf, where an eternal winter has fallen. When his mother goes missing one morning, h...

ISBN: 9781407184913

Binding: Paperback


Our Home, Our Heartbeat

by Adam Briggs, Kate Moon (Illustrator), Rachael Sarra (Illustrator)

Adapted from Briggs’ celebrated song 'The Children Came Back', Our Home, Our Heartbeat is a celebration of past and present Indigenous legends, as well as emerging generations, and at its heart honours the oldest continuous c...

ISBN: 9781760504168

Binding: Hardcover


Ozzy Rules!

AFL Little Legends #1

by Nicole Hayes, Adrian Beck

Twins Oz and Ellie are footy fanatics. They can’t wait to introduce Aussie Rules to their cousin Sanjay, who is moving back to Australia from overseas. 10-year-old Oz is the key playmaker for the Falcons (as he’ll tell anyone who’ll ...

ISBN: 9781760505424

Binding: Paperback


P.S. I Still Love You

To All The Boys I've Loved

by Jenny Han

Lara Jean didn't expect to really fall for Peter. She and Peter were just pretending. Except suddenly they weren't. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever. When another boy from her past returns to her life, Lara Jean's feelings for him ...

ISBN: 9781760666101

Binding: Paperback


Peppa Pig: Peppa Plays Football

by Ladybird

ISBN: 9780241412008

Binding: Boardbook


Pig the Star

Pig the Pug

by Aaron Blabey

Pig just LOVES attention. In fact, he's a great, big SHOW-OFF. But when ANOTHER star appears at the photo shoot, Pig doesn't like it. No, Pig doesn't like it at ...

ISBN: 9781760667047

Binding: Board Book


Power in A Pram

Footy Baby

by Jaclyn Crupi, Mikki Butterley (Illustrator)

A powerful baby has been born and will soon bring the noise.<br><br> Follow along as four newborns become the power supporters their parents always knew they would ...

ISBN: 9781760505394

Binding: Board book