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Recycling Things to Make and Do

by Emily Bone

A creative and lively way to get recycling! Ages: 5+ Activities include a castle desk tidy, robot collage and dragon puppets, all made from things found around the home! Every activity is clearly and vividly illustrated in an appealing and ...

ISBN: 9781409538981

Binding: Paperback


Remarkable Animals

by Tony Meeuwissen

An amazing mix-match book of 1000 extraordinary creatures with words and pictures. ...

ISBN: 9781847806321

Binding: Hardback


Remembering Green

by Lesley Beake

ISBN: 9781845079628

Binding: Paperback


Rethinking Children's Spaces and Places

by David Blundell

<p>How do we understand children and young people's lives in ways that do not rely on nostalgic romantic ideals or demonising prejudices? Can the geographical concepts of space, place and spatiality enhance our understanding of childhood and how

ISBN: 9781472581495

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Richie Doodles

The Brilliance of a Young Richard Feynman

by M. J. Mouton

<p>It seems like only moments after a child begins to string words together that they begin to ask questions. Why do trees grow? Why is the sky blue? Why does it rain? These are all very important questions that, with the right answers, can ...

ISBN: 9780998314716

Binding: Hardback


Robyn Silver 2: The Darkest Dream

by Paula Harrison

<p>The boldest, brightest new heroine is back: and Robyn Silver's life hasn't got any quieter since defeating the evil vampire Pearl in The Midnight Chimes. She's now a fully fledged Chime Child and monster-hunter-in-training alongside best ...

ISBN: 9781407180915

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Ruby Red Finds a New Home

by Vyridian E. Green

Thelma Foster has lots of animal friends. Once, a jackdaw she tamed even flew into the school hall during assembly to say hi to her! Her birthday is approaching and mum Ellen has spotted a guinea pig in Mr Garside's pet shop that will make the ...

ISBN: 9781784557249

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Salty Dogs

by Matty Long

ISBN: 9780192748652

Binding: Paperback


Sanjay's Story

by Judy Waite

<p>It's New Year's Eve and Sanjay can't wait to go and have a laugh with his mates. But after vandals attack his parents' restaurants, laughing is the last thing he feels like doing...Join Kai, Lena, Chelsea, and Sanjay as they struggle with ...

ISBN: 9781472934802

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Science for Children

by Marilyn Fleer

<p>Science for Children introduces readers to the pedagogy of primary and early childhood science education. The book pays special attention to the three strands of science, in accordance with the Australian Curriculum. It also uses the practice

ISBN: 9781316440766

Binding: Kobo eBook



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See Inside Inventions

by Alex Frith

Tells the wonderful, mysterious and often funny stories behind famous inventions Ages: 6+ Flaps reveal lovingly detailed artwork to show the hidden workings inside inventions Carefully researched text explains the differences between ...

ISBN: 9781409532729

Binding: Hardback


See Play Do


See Play Do is a children's activity annual which encourages open-ended creative play with 3- to 8-year-olds. It is a collaboration between creatives of all ages; from chefs to scientists to 5-year-olds, and is filled with fun ideas - make ...

ISBN: 9780994120519

Binding: Paperback



by Walter De La Mare

The fourth book in the Walter De La Mare seasonal picture book quartet, beautifully illustrated by Carolina Rabei. ...

ISBN: 9780571314706

Binding: Paperback


Silver People: A Tale From The Panama Canal

by Engle Margarita

<b>As the Panama Canal turns 100, Newbery Honor-winner Margarita Engle tells the story of its creation in this powerful new YA historical novel in verse.</b><b> </b> <b><i>How can such a narrow </i></b><b><i>bridge of land ...

ISBN: 9780702253294

Binding: Paperback


Skate Monkey: Fear Mountain

by Paul Mason

Monkey and his friends, Zu and Sandy, lived in the Emperor's Cloud Palace. But they played all sorts of tricks on people, so, as a punishment, the Jade Emperor sent them down to Earth. They can only return if they prove that they can use their ...

ISBN: 9781472933430

Binding: Paperback


Skate Monkey: The Cursed Village

by Paul Mason

Monkey and his friends, Zu and Sandy, lived in the Emperor's Cloud Palace. But they played all sorts of tricks on people, so, as a punishment, the Jade Emperor sent them down to Earth. They can only return if they prove that they can use their ...

ISBN: 9781472933393

Binding: Paperback


Special Delivery Books 12 Pocket Display Unit

by Various Authors

<DIV>A unique and personal way to celebrate life’s milestones! Specially designed to send through the post, these gorgeous gift books feature a free greetings card and an envelope ready for sending.</DIV> ...

ISBN: 9781788810074

Binding: Mixed media product


Staircase to the Moon

by Bronwyn Houston

How does a young girl with a yearning for adventure get to the moon? Why, she climbs the staircase of course! In this book, a young girl and her grandfather sneak away from home one night in a bid to climb the staircase to the moon. The pair ...

ISBN: 9781921248290

Binding: Paperback


STEAM Lab for Kids

52 Creative Hands-On Projects Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

by Liz Lee Heinecke

A fun and interactive introduction to Science, Technology, Energy, Art, and Math for the whole family. ...

ISBN: 9781631594199

Binding: Paperback


Steel Pelicans

by Des Hunt

<p>Sometimes friendship and loyalty can be dangerous things - especially when combined with fireworks and bombs, as Pelly discovers. The Waikato Heads have never been more dangerous ... Inseparable best friends Dean and Pelly frequently get up ...

ISBN: 9781775490425

Binding: Kobo eBook

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