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The Global Silicon Valley Handbook

The Official Entrepreneur's Guide to the Hottest Startup Scenes from around the Globe

by Michael Moe

ISBN: 9781455570324

Binding: Hardback


The Golden Passport: Harvard Business School, The Limits Of Capitalism, And The Moral Failure Of The MBA Elite

by Duff McDonald

With The Firm, financial journalist Duff McDonald pulled back the curtain on consulting giant McKinsey & Company. In The Golden Passport, he reveals the inner works of a singular nexus of power, ambition, and influence: Harvard Business ...

ISBN: 9780062870070

Binding: Paperback


The Good Economics Guide

Making Sense of key economic data

by Benjamin Ong

Definitive handbook to understanding the Australian economy Covers economic indicators, monitoring the economy, the Australian dollar and the economy, industry benchmarks for investments, and more. Essential reading for students of economics at ...

ISBN: 9781925642421

Binding: Paperback


The Good Managed Investments Guide.

Best Funds for the Best Returns on Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

by Christopher Page

COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE FOR SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUNDS. The popularity of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) continues to grow with nearly one million Australians choosing to take control of their retirement future. From how to choose ...

ISBN: 9781925642193

Binding: Paperback


The Good Super Guide 17th Edition

Best Funds for the Best Returns

by Alex Dunnin

Your super is your money and with even average super funds having recovered spectacularly since the global financial crisis, being in the right super fund has never been so important. The Good Super Guide is powered by Selecting Super and uses ...

ISBN: 9781925642728

Binding: Paperback


The Great Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World

by Steven Radelet

The untold story of the global poor: “Powerful, lucid, and revelatory, The Great Surge…offers indispensable prescriptions about sustaining global economic progress into the future” (George Soros, chairman of Soros Fund ...

ISBN: 9781501124341

Binding: Paperback


The Harvard Business Review Leader's Handbook

Make an Impact, Inspire Your Organization, and Get to the Next Level

by Ron Ashkenas

<p>Put aside all the hypey new frameworks, the listicles, the "10 best things you need" to succeed as a leader today. The critical leadership practices ? the ones that will allow a leader to make the biggest impact over time ? are already well ...

ISBN: 9781633693746

Binding: Paperback


The Hope-Driven Leader

by Libby Gill

<p>The business and self-help shelves may be overflowing with success books, but author Libby Gill has found a totally fresh perspective on the topic of leadership: hope.<br></p> <p>"Libby Gill offers us a roadmap to be positive and hopeful for ...

ISBN: 9781635763751

Binding: Paperback


The Hustle Economy

Transforming Your Creativity Into a Career

by Jessica Hagy

ISBN: 9780762460199

Binding: Paperback


The Intergalactic Design Guide

Harnessing the Creative Potential of Social Design

by Cheryl Heller

<p></p><p>Design has built global brands, disrupted industries, and transformed our lives with technology. It has also contributed to the complex challenges we face today. In&nbsp;<i>The Intergalactic Design Guide</i>, business strategist and ...

ISBN: 9781610918817

Binding: Hardback


The Loyalist Team

How Trust, Candor, and Authenticity Create Great Organizations

by Linda Adams

ISBN: 9781610397551

Binding: Hardback


The Mathematical Corporation

Where Machine Intelligence and Human Ingenuity Achieve the Impossible

by Josh Sullivan

ISBN: 9781610397889

Binding: Hardback



The Mind of Wall Street

A Legendary Financier on the Perils of Greed and the Mysteries of the Market

by Eugene Linden

ISBN: 9781586482084

Binding: Paperback


The Next Factory of the World

How Chinese Investment Is Reshaping Africa

by Irene Yuan Sun

<p>Will Africa be the world's next hub of manufacturing? China is answering in the affirmative and investing accordingly. Considering Africa?s difficult history of colonialism, one might suspect that the current story of China in Africa is ...

ISBN: 9781633692817

Binding: Hardback


The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade

New Edition

by Sally Blundell

<p>A completely new investigation of the fair trade phenomenon, from its origins to what it is likely to become.&nbsp;An in-depth look at two decades of a global movement that aims to challenge the ethical foundations of the free market, and a ...

ISBN: 9781780261331

Binding: Paperback


The One Thing

The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results: Achieve your goals with one of the world's bestselling success books

by Gary Keller

ISBN: 9781848549258

Binding: Paperback


The Other Path

The Economic Answer to Terrorism

by Hernando De Soto

ISBN: 9780465016105

Binding: Paperback


The Power of Little Ideas

A Low-Risk, High-Reward Approach to Innovation

by David Robertson

<p>Conventional wisdom today says that to survive, companies must move beyond incremental, sustaining innovation and invest in some form of radical innovation. ?Disrupt yourself or be disrupted!? is the relentless message company leaders ...

ISBN: 9781633691681

Binding: Hardback


The Power of Preeminence

High-Performance Principles to Accelerate Your Business and Career

by Paul Rulkens

<p><br><p>If you want to accelerate your business and career and stand out like a tall giraffe surrounded by tiny field mice, now is the time to get serious and get going. In this book, high performance expert Paul Rulkens offers the best ideas,

ISBN: 9789462763135

Binding: Paperback