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Building Social Business

The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity's Most Pressing Needs

by Muhammad Yunus

ISBN: 9781586489564

Binding: Paperback


Business Ethics

Managing Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability in the Age of Globalization

by Andrew Crane

The fourth edition of Business Ethics explores throughout the text, in the context of business ethics, the three major challenges that businesses face when making ethical decisions:· Globalization· Sustainability· Corporate ...

ISBN: 9780199697311

Binding: Paperback


Business Networking and Sex

Not What You Think

by Ivan Misner

ISBN: 9781599184241

Binding: Paperback




Change is Good... You Go First

21 Ways to Inspire Change

by Tom Feltenstein

<p>How does your team react to change? Do they dig in with their heels to resist it or do they welcome it with open arms? As leaders, we know that change is a fact of life and we need to learn to manage it before it manages us. A tall order? Not

ISBN: 9781492679509

Binding: Hardback


Competing on Culture: Driving Change in Community Colleges

by Randall VanWagoner

ISBN: 9781475834000

Binding: Hardback


Concrete Economics

The Hamilton Approach to Economic Growth and Policy

by Stephen S. Cohen

<p>Brilliantly written and argued,&nbsp;<i>Concrete Economics</i>&nbsp;shows exactly how the US government has shaped and directed the economy since the very inception of the country.<br><br>Cohen and DeLong focus on the forgotten role played by

ISBN: 9781422189818

Binding: Hardback


Conscious Capitalism, With a New Preface by the Authors

Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

by John Mackey

<div><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">A </span><i style="line-height: 1.45em;">Wall Street Journal</i><span style="line-height: 1.45em;"> bestseller, </span><i style="line-height: 1.45em;">Conscious Capitalism</i><span style="line-height: ...

ISBN: 9781625271754

Binding: Paperback


Continuity and Innovation in Honors College Curricula

by Robert Grover

ISBN: 9781475829921

Binding: Hardback


Coping with Gender Inequities: Critical Conversations of Women Faculty

by Sherwood Thompson

ISBN: 9781475826456

Binding: Hardback


Creative Conspiracy

The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration

by Leigh Thompson

Think of your to-do list at work. Chances are the most important activities on that list require you to work with others to accomplish. And the success of those endeavors?whether you?re innovating a new product or implementing an important ...

ISBN: 9781422173343

Binding: Hardback


Crossing the Finish Line: How to Retain and Graduate Your Students

by Alan Seidman

ISBN: 9781475838909

Binding: Hardback


Cultivating a Culture of Learning: Contemplative Practices, Pedagogy, and Research in Education

by Rowman and Littlefield Inc

ISBN: 9781475836288

Binding: Hardback


Dealing with Dysfunction: A Book for University Leaders

by Richard T. Castallo

ISBN: 9781475834819

Binding: Hardback


Degrees and Pedigrees: The Education of America's Top Executives

by Michael Nietzel

ISBN: 9781475837070

Binding: Hardback


Discrimination and Disparities

by Thomas Sowell

ISBN: 9781541645639

Binding: Hardback



Success Strategies from Women Who Break the Mold

by Patti Fletcher

<p><i>Disrupters</i> is the anti- <i>Lean In</i>. It's not about what women should do. It's not a preachy TEDTalk. It shows what different women business leaders have done to reach success as they define it, from board members to CEOs to ...

ISBN: 9781599186207

Binding: Paperback


Drop That Chalk!: A Guide to Better Teaching at Universities and Colleges

by Marie Iding

ISBN: 9781475822991

Binding: Hardback