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Assertiveness For Earth Angels: How To Be Loving Instead OfToo Nice

by Doreen Virtue

Do people take advantage of your niceness? Do you have trouble honestly communicating your feelings? If so, you may be an Earth Angel. In this groundbreaking book, Doreen Virtue teaches Earth Angels - extremely sweet people who ...

ISBN: 9781401928810

Binding: Paperback


Astonishing Power Of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide, The

by Esther;Hicks, Jerry Hicks

This leading-edge book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical entity Abraham, will help you understand the emotions that you've been experiencing all of your life. Instead of the out-of-control, knee-jerk ...

ISBN: 9781401912468

Binding: Paperback


Astrological Transits

The Beginner's Guide to Using Planetary Cycles to Plan and Predict Your Day, Week, Year (or Destiny)

by April Elliott Kent

April Elliott Kent will guide you through the best ways to make the most of your birth chart. Learn how to chart major life-changing cycles as well as daily, monthly, and annual cycles ...

ISBN: 9781592336838

Binding: Paperback


Astrology for Happiness and Success: From Aries to Pisces, Create the Life You Want--Based on Your Astrological Sign!

by Mecca Woods

Let your astrological sign show you the way to your best life-find specific activities that will improve relationships, finances, health, and happiness based on your Zodiac sign! Take your happiness to the next level with advice specifically ...

ISBN: 9781507207826

Binding: Paperback


Astrology For The Soul

by Jan Spiller

Astrologer Jan Spiller shows you the key to discovering your hidden talents, your deepest desires, and the ways you can avoid negative influences that may distract you from achieving your true life purpose, as revealed in your chart by the ...

ISBN: 9780553378382

Binding: Paperback


Astrology IRL

Whatever the drama, the stars have the answer ...

by Liz Marvin

<b>Sometimes brutal, always truthful straight-talking life advice direct from the stars.</b><BR><BR>What does your day have in store?<BR>Find out this, and more<BR>With Astrology IRL<BR><BR>Discover-<BR><BR>How to turn Monday into MonYay ...

ISBN: 9781529105223

Binding: Hardback


Astrology, Orion Plain and Simple

by Cass Jackson

ISBN: 9781409169475

Binding: Paperback


Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Your Birth Chart

by Yasmin Boland

An insightful introductory guide to the age-old wisdom of astrology and how it can help you to make informed and successful decisions in all areas of your life. <BR><BR>With a free, personalized chart provided online for every reader, this book ...

ISBN: 9781781806470

Binding: Paperback


Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life

by DK

Find out how to use your birth horoscope to enhance and transform every area of your life.<BR><BR>In <i>Astrology</i>, you'll see how to cast and read your own birth chart; how to interpret the positions of the zodiac signs, sun, moon and other ...

ISBN: 9780241255520

Binding: Hardback


Attitude Of Gratitude

by Harrell Keith D

In this heartfelt memoir, motivational speaker and life coach Keith Harrell writes passionately about the lessons he's learned from his parents, grandmother, teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends as he overcame stuttering to become one of the ...

ISBN: 9781401902001

Binding: Paperback



How to be yourself and why it matters

by Stephen Joseph

ISBN: 9780349404868

Binding: Paperback


Awakening The Buddha Within

by Lama Surya Das

"A bridge between East and West, past and present, this book makes sacred and profound Tibetan seachings clear and easily accessibly for anyone who wants to lead a more enlightened and sane life. Utilizing the unique Buddhist guidelines ...

ISBN: 9780733800733

Binding: Paperback



Ancient wisdom for modern wellbeing

by Geeta Vara

ISBN: 9781409177937

Binding: Paperback


Baby's Hug-A-Bible

by Sally Lloyd-Jones

A Bible you can hug! In this soft and cuddly book, little ones will find a collection of ten favorite Bible stories in rhyme, filled with comforting truths and promises. Keep God's word close to baby's heart in this perfect introduction for the ...

ISBN: 9780061566219

Binding: Board book


Bad Buddhist: Speed bumps and detours on the path to enlightenment

by Meshel Laurie

For as long as I can remember, I've been focused on accumulation. I've been accumulating money, objects, jobs, respect, friends, invitations and ticks on the list in my mind called "Things I Should Have Done by This Stage of My Life" .... I feel

ISBN: 9781863959667

Binding: Paperback


Be Happy! Release The Power Of Happiness In You

by Robert Holden

<i>'Happiness is a spiritual path. The more you learn about true happiness, the more you discover the truth of who you are, what is important, and what your life is for.'</i> <i>Be Happy! </i>is the follow-up to Robert Holden's ...

ISBN: 9781401921828

Binding: Paperback


Be More Witch

How to Find Your Inner Magic

by Alison Davies

Witches have enchanted us throughout the centuries with their darkness, mysticism and individuality. Once persecuted, they have now been adopted by millennials as a symbol of feminine strength. Their belief in magic is increasingly causing ...

ISBN: 9781787133389

Binding: Hardback


Be Your Own Astrologer

A step-by-step guide to unlocking the secrets of the signs and planets

by Joanna Watters

<DIV>“It's unusual for a beginner's astrology book to contain anything that might make a professional astrologer sit up and take notice but Joanna's elegant guide to being your own astrologer does just that. […] Even with just a downloaded chart

ISBN: 9781782496557

Binding: Hardback


Be Your Own Dream Interpreter

Uncover the meanings of symbols and themes to bring clarity and insight to your life

by Tony Crisp

<DIV>Learn what your dreams mean to maximise your dream power for success in love, work and personal achievement with this compact guide, which includes an A–Z directory of dream images. Are you aware that you spend one-third of your life ...

ISBN: 9781782496564

Binding: Hardback


Be Your Own Moon Astrologer

Transform Your Life Using the Moon's Signs and Cycles

by Heather Roan Robbins

How we respond to the Moon&rsquo;s powerful influence is key to how we live our lives. The Moon sets the tone of the day and when we can register the Moon&rsquo;s sign, we know what to expect and how to operate at our maximum level. ...

ISBN: 9781782497011

Binding: Hardback