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Creative Therapy Colouring Book

by Hannah Davies

<DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><P>Unleash your creative spirit with this sophisticated anti-stress colouring, doodling and drawing book. The flowing lines, sweeping swirls and highly-detailed patterns on every illustration have been created so that ...

ISBN: 9781782433002

Binding: Hardback


Crystal Blueprint: Reconnect with Your Authentic Self Through the Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science of Quartz Cyrstals

by Beatriz Singer

It's estimated that 10 billion quartz crystals are used every year in electronic devices-from smartphones to computers, credit cards, watches, digital cameras, TVs, cars, and much more. When you think about it, it's almost impossible to imagine ...

ISBN: 9781401954857

Binding: Paperback


Crystal Clear

Change your energy, heal your life

by Golnaz Alibagi

<DIV><I>&ldquo;Golnaz gently mentors readers through the qualities of each stone. Her practical suggestions will help nurture and encourage any budding crystal-guru to success.&rdquo;</I> Review by <I>Spirit and Destiny</I><BR /><BR /> With so ...

ISBN: 9781782496571

Binding: Hardback


Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths

The Fascinating History of the World's Most Powerful Gems and Stones

by Athena Perrakis

Leading spiritual teacher Athena Perrakis, of <i>Sage Goddess</i>, presents the fascinating history and legends behind dozens of crystals from several world cultures and civilizations. ...

ISBN: 9781592338412

Binding: Hardback


Crystal Spirits Oracle

A 58-Card Deck and Guidebook

by Colette Baron-Reid

In <i>The Crystal Spirits Oracle</i>, internationally renowned spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid explores the unique personalities and properties of 58 crystals, with stunning art by Jena DellaGrottaglia. <BR><BR>Legends about the healing ...

ISBN: 9781401952808

Binding: Cards


Crystal Therapy

by Doreen Virtue

<i>Crystal Therapy</i> is a handy guide to the healing power of 94 crystals, complete with beautiful colour photographs of each crystal family. This book is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners, and it focuses on crystals that ...

ISBN: 9781401904678

Binding: Paperback


Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

by Judy Hall

Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times. Their powerful intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path and link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Created by bestselling crystals

ISBN: 9781780289403

Binding: Paperback



A complete guide to crystals and color healing

by Jennie Harding

A beautiful crystal color directory and crystal gallery profile over one hundred of these extraordinary works of nature. Detailed information on the effect each crystal has on mind, body, and spirit is combined with practical advice on crystal ...

ISBN: 9781782407690

Binding: Paperback



The modern guide to crystal healing

by Yulia Van Doren

<DIV>From choosing and using to programming, charging and cleansing,&#160;<B>Crystals </B>is a modern guide to enhancing your life with these enchanting stones.<BR /><BR /> Often referred to as &lsquo;wisdom keepers&rsquo;, crystals hold ...

ISBN: 9781787130357

Binding: Hardback


Crystals Made Simple

by Teresa Moorey

ISBN: 9780753732731

Binding: Paperback


Crystals, Orion Plain and Simple

by Cass Jackson

ISBN: 9781409169758

Binding: Paperback


Crystals: The Stone Deck

78 Crystals to Energize Your Life

by Andrew Smart

<DIV>Featuring beautiful photography and engaging descriptions, <B>Crystals Deck</B> makes it easy to bring crystal energy and healing to modern life. The deck includes 78 cards, each with a stunning crystal on the front and a description of the

ISBN: 9781452173283

Binding: Cards


Cut The Crap And Feel Amazing

by Ailsa Frank

In <i>Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing,</i> experienced hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your life and ensure that it follows a more positive direction - the direction in which ...

ISBN: 9781781809228

Binding: Paperback


Daily Calm

100 daily reminders to help you build the mindfulness habit

by Padraig O'Morain

ISBN: 9781529313000

Binding: Paperback


Daily Guidance From Your Angels Gift Edition: 365 Angelic Messages To Soothe, Heal And Open Your Heart

by Doreen Virtue

Begin each morning by communing with your angels, using the 365 channelled meditations in this beautiful gift edition by best-selling author Doreen Virtue. Each page offers a comforting and uplifting message that sets a positive and healing tone

ISBN: 9781401917166

Binding: Hardback


Daily Guidance From Your Angels: 365 Angelic Messages To Soothe, Heal, And Open Your Heart

by Doreen Virtue

Begin each morning by communing with your angels, using the 365 channeled meditations in this inspirational book. Each page offers a comforting and uplifting message that sets a positive and healing tone for the day. This material also functions

ISBN: 9781401907747

Binding: Paperback


Daily Love: Growing Into Grace

by Mastin Kipp

ISBN: 9781401942281

Binding: Paperback


Daily Mindfulness

365 Days of Present, Calm, Exquisite Living

by Familius

Life can be exquisite, but too often its savor is lost in the rut of routine living. With 365 daily quotes, stunning full-color photography, and a handy ribbon to mark your place, Daily Mindfulness invites you to calm your mind, live now, and ...

ISBN: 9781944822545

Binding: Hardback


Dalai Lama's Book of Love and Compassion

by Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is one of the most renowned and loved spiritual leaders in the world. This book is one of a series of bite-sized introductions that make his writing accessible to everybody. In The Dalai Lama'a Book of Love and Compassion, His ...

ISBN: 9780007122875

Binding: Paperback


Dance Of Anger

by Harriet G Lerner

A fresh new jacket design brings this classic self-help guide up to date for a contemporary readership. One of the forerunners to today's pop psych market along with Women Who Love Too Much, this multimillion bestseller shows us how anger ...

ISBN: 9780722536230

Binding: Paperback