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Many Love: A Memoir of Polyamory and Finding Love(s)

by Sophie Lucido Johnson

“A fast-paced debut… A candid, modern take on polyamory for fans of memoirs and graphic novels, and anyone interested in stories of dating, love, and romance.” -Library Journal After trying for years to emulate her boomer ...

ISBN: 9781501189784

Binding: Paperback


Mao's Last Dancer

by Li Cunxin

The phenomenal international bestseller<i> Before you can fly, you have to be free.</i><BR><BR>In a small, desperately poor village in north-east China, a young peasant boy sits at his rickety old school desk, more interested in the birds ...

ISBN: 9780143574323

Binding: Paperback


Map That Changed The World, The

by Simon Winchester

William Smith was not rich or well connected, but his passion for rocks and fossils, and his twenty-year obsession with single-handedly mapping the geology of Britain made him one of the most significant men of the nineteenth century. However ...

ISBN: 9780140280395

Binding: Paperback


Marching with the Devil

Legends, Glory and Lies in the French Foreign Legion

by David Mason

ISBN: 9780733639135

Binding: Paperback


Margaret & Gough

The love story that shaped a nation

by Susan Mitchell

ISBN: 9780733632440

Binding: Paperback


Marjorie Bligh's Home: Hints On Managing Everything

by Danielle Wood

In <i>Housewife Superstar</i>, Danielle Wood introduced us to the life (three husbands, Campbell Town and Devonport dream homes, inspiration for Dame Edna Everage) and work (countless writings, prizes, cakes, and things knitted, ...

ISBN: 9781922079077

Binding: Paperback


Marlene Dietrich

The Life

by Maria Riva

<p><b>"Gosspiy, elaborately detailed, and greatly entertaining. Riva leaves no sequin unturned." The New York Times</b></p> <p>Dietrich would quickly rise to stardom on the Berlin stage in the 1920's with her sharp wit and bisexual ...

ISBN: 9781643130293

Binding: Paperback


Marley and Me

Life and love with the world's worst dog - a funny and heartbreaking worldwide bestseller

by John Grogan

ISBN: 9780733620713

Binding: Paperback


Mary Breckinridge: The Frontier Nursing Service and Rural Health in Appalachia

by Melanie Beals Goan

ISBN: 9781469626390

Binding: Paperback


Mary Poppins She Wrote

The extraordinary life of Australian writer P.L. Travers

by Valerie Lawson

ISBN: 9780733626371

Binding: Paperback


Mary Quant

by Jenny Lister

Mary Quant is a fashion icon. The first focused study of her career, this book shows how she revolutionised fashion, harnessing youth, streetstyle and mass production to create a new look for everyone. The book surveys the development of her ...

ISBN: 9781851779956

Binding: Hardback


Masters of Sex (Media tie-in)

The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love

by Thomas Maier

ISBN: 9780465079995

Binding: Paperback



by Peter FitzSimons

History comes to life with Peter FitzSimons in the story of Australia?s most famous polar explorer and the giants from the heroic age of polar exploration- Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton.Sir Douglas Mawson, born in 1882 and knighted in 1914, ...

ISBN: 9780857987204

Binding: Paperback


Me of the Never Never

A chaotic memoir about family, friends and finding out that all the world's a stage (I'm going through)

by Fiona O'Loughlin

ISBN: 9780733630125

Binding: Paperback


Meet Me in Milan

by Hedley Derenzie

Four years after her disastrous quest for romance in Paris (the alleged &lsquo;city of love&rsquo;), Hedley Derenzie is ready to break out of her comfort zone of singledom and give it another go. She decides to seek professional help &ndash; in ...

ISBN: 9781925589825

Binding: Paperback



A Hollywood Princess

by Andrew Morton

<DIV>Meghan Markle, the star of the long-running TV show <I>Suits</I>, is set to refashion the House of Windsor. Her marriage to Prince Harry in May at Windsor Castle is already the most anticipated event of 2018. The warmth and affection Meghan

ISBN: 9781782439646

Binding: Paperback



by Mike Willesee

<b>After thousands of stories, a legend finally tells his own. </b> Mike Willesee has been Australia's most revered television journalist for over fifty years. And behind the lens, a businessman, powerbroker, trailblazer and enduring enigma. ...

ISBN: 9781760553517

Binding: Hardback


Memoirs of a Buccaneer


It was William Dampier's passion to see the world that turned him into a buccaneer. He possessed remarkable powers of observation and analysis, and his life as a seventeenth-century navigator aboard pirate and privateering ships is brilliantly ...

ISBN: 9780486457260

Binding: Paperback


Memories, Dreams, Reflections

by C G Jung

&#8216;I can understand myself only in the light of inner happenings. It is these that make up the singularity of my life, and with these my autobiography deals' Carl Jung An eye-opening biography of one of the most influential psychiatrists of

ISBN: 9780006540274

Binding: Paperback


Michael O'Connell: The Lost Modernist

by Harriet Edquist

Born in Cumbria in 1898 Michael O?Connell saw action on the Western Front in WWI before moving to Australia in 1920. Over the following 17 years he became a critical member of the burgeoning Modernist movement in Melbourne primarily through his ...

ISBN: 9781877096389

Binding: Paperback