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(Re)Constructing Maternal Performance in Twentieth-Century American Drama

by L. Bailey McDaniel

Looking at a century of American theatre, McDaniel investigates how race-based notions of maternal performance become sites of resistance to cultural and political hierarchies. This book considers how the construction of mothering as universally

ISBN: 9781137299574

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Žižek and Performance

by B. Chow & A. Mangold

The first edited volume to examine philosopher Slavoj Žižek's influence on, and his relevance for, theatre and performance studies. Featuring a brand new essay from Žižek himself, this is an indispensable contribution to the emerging field of ...

ISBN: 9781137403193

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100 Designs for a Modern World

by Kravis Design Center

The first book on the impressive collection of George R. Kravis II, founder ofthe Kravis Design Center--one of the leading collectors of modern industrialdesign in North America. A must-have for lovers of modern design, this is aperfect ...

ISBN: 9780847848324

Binding: Hardback


100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Maths and the Arts

by John D. Barrow

<p><b>What can maths tell us about art and design?</b></p><p>Professor John D. Barrow has all the answers. In <i>100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Maths and the Arts</i>, he shows us that mathematics and the arts are not

ISBN: 9781448137480

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100 Japanese Stencil Designs


The natural Japanese affinity for decorative art is apparent in this striking collection of exquisite stencil designs. A centuries-old tradition of capturing nature in striking floral and wildlife motifs is reflected in the graceful shapes and ...

ISBN: 9780486447247

Binding: Paperback


100 Ornamental Alphabets


In this volume noted typographer Dan X. Solo has compiled a treasury of attractive, eye-catching typefaces that will add decorative flair to almost any graphic project. Artists and illustrators can choose from a wealth of ready-to-use, ...

ISBN: 9780486286969

Binding: Paperback


100 Years of Cruelty

Essays on Artaud

by Edward Scheer

ISBN: 9781864872910

Binding: Paperback


101 Great Samurai Prints


One of the last great names in the Japanese ukiyo-e style, Utagawa Kuniyoshi was an undisputed master of the warrior woodblock print. Born in Tokyo in 1797, his talent became evident by the tender age of 12, when he became an apprentice to a ...

ISBN: 9780486465234

Binding: Paperback


150 Masterpieces of Drawing


This collection, never before published in the United States, presents art from the early fifteenth to the end of the eighteenth centuries. Selected with great care and impeccable taste by a highly respected artist and teacher, these drawings ...

ISBN: 9780486210322

Binding: Paperback


1930s Fashion

The Definitive Sourcebook

by Charlotte Fiell

A comprehensive guide to 30s fashion, this is an essential handbook for fashion students, vintage collectors as well as anyone interested in fashion or cultural history. ...

ISBN: 9781847960337

Binding: Hardback


1940s Fashion

The Definitive Sourcebook

by Emmanuelle Dirix

The early Forties might have been years of make-do-and-mending and fashionable inventiveness, but the latter half of the decade saw an explosion of contemporary forward-looking fashions. This extensive survey brings together previously ...

ISBN: 9781847960467

Binding: Paperback


5 Seconds of Summer: Live and Loud

The Ultimate On Tour Fan Book

by Malcolm Croft

In 2011, 5SOS almost broke the internet with their mega YouTube successes. Since then they have becomeone of the world&#39;s most famous bands with album sales of over three million, and hundreds of triumphant liveperformances.5 Seconds of ...

ISBN: 9781780977256

Binding: Hardback


50 Things to Colour

50 Creative Projects to Unleash Your Colouring Skills

by Quarto UK

Explore the realms of colour with an eclectic collection of objects ...

ISBN: 9781845436117

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New Artists and Creatives, Born In Or After 1989

by Simon Castets

ISBN: 9780847847570

Binding: Hardback


9.5 Theses on Art and Class

And Other Writings

by Ben Davis

Ben Davis draws the curtain back on the contemporary art world to assail its commodified roots. ...

ISBN: 9781608462681

Binding: Paperback


A Bigger Message

Conversations with David Hockney

by Martin Gayford

<p>David Hockney is possibly the worlds most popular living painter, but he is also something else: an incisive and original thinker on art. Here are the fruits of his lifelong meditations on the problems and paradoxes of representing a ...

ISBN: 9780500773390

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A Companion to British Art - 1600 to the Present

by Dana Arnold

This companion is a collection of newly-commissioned essays written by leading scholars in the field, providing a comprehensive introduction to British art history. A generously-illustrated collection of newly-commissioned essays which ...

ISBN: 9781119170112

Binding: Paperback


A Critical Theory of Creativity

Utopia, Aesthetics, Atheism and Design

by R. Howells

A Critical Theory of Creativity argues that a Utopian drive is aesthetically encoded within the language of form. But coupled with this opportunity comes a very human obligation which cannot be delegated to God, to nature or to market forces. As

ISBN: 9781137446176

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A Fractured Landscape of Modernity

Culture and Conflict in the Isle of Purbeck

by J. Wilkes

This book uses the contradictions, fractures and coincidences of a twentieth-century rural landscape to explore new methods of writing place beyond 'new nature writing'. In doing so it opens up new ways of reading modernist artists and writers ...

ISBN: 9781137287083

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A Good Night Out for the Girls

Popular Feminisms in Contemporary Theatre and Performance

by E. Aston & G. Harris

Moving across the boundaries of mainstream and experimental circuits, from the affective pleasures of commercially successful shows such as Calendar Girls and Mamma Mia! to the feminist possibilities of new burlesque and stand-up, this book ...

ISBN: 9781137300140

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