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(Im)perfection Subverted, Reloaded and Networked: Utopian Discourse across Media

by Grzegorz Maziarczyk, Zofi Kolbuszewska & Barbara Klonowska

<p>This study explores various intersections between the traditional utopian discourse and such media as music, comic books, TV series, feature films, documentaries, fan fiction, computer games and web projects, bringing to focus the ...

ISBN: 9783653998184

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(Re)telling Old Stories

Peter Brooks "Mahabharata" and Ariane Mnouchkines "Les Atrides"

by Dominic Glynn

<p>Peter Brook and Ariane Mnouchkine are among the most important directors in recent theatre history.<br /> This book focuses on two of their landmark productions, <em>Mahabharata</em> (1985) and <em>Les Atrides</em> (1992–1994) respectively, ...

ISBN: 9783035298659

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100 Best Bikes

by Zahid Sardar

ISBN: 9781780670089

Binding: Paperback


100 Japanese Stencil Designs


The natural Japanese affinity for decorative art is apparent in this striking collection of exquisite stencil designs. A centuries-old tradition of capturing nature in striking floral and wildlife motifs is reflected in the graceful shapes and ...

ISBN: 9780486447247

Binding: Paperback


100 Ornamental Alphabets


In this volume noted typographer Dan X. Solo has compiled a treasury of attractive, eye-catching typefaces that will add decorative flair to almost any graphic project. Artists and illustrators can choose from a wealth of ready-to-use, ...

ISBN: 9780486286969

Binding: Paperback


1000 T-Shirts

by Raphaëlle Orsini

<DIV><P>This guide &mdash;&#160;in the same format as the popular 1000 series which includes <I>1000 Sneakers, 1000 Football Shirts</I> and <I>1000 Football Clubs</I> &mdash;&#160;offers a definitive compilation of the world&#39;s most iconic, ...

ISBN: 9780789332790

Binding: Hardback


101 Great Samurai Prints


One of the last great names in the Japanese ukiyo-e style, Utagawa Kuniyoshi was an undisputed master of the warrior woodblock print. Born in Tokyo in 1797, his talent became evident by the tender age of 12, when he became an apprentice to a ...

ISBN: 9780486465234

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101 Things to Learn in Art School

by Kit White

<p><strong>Lessons, demonstrations, definitions, and tips on what to expect in art school, what it means to make art, and how to think like an artist.</strong></p> <p>What is the first thing to learn in art school? “Art can be anything.” The ...

ISBN: 9780262300131

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150 Masterpieces of Drawing


This collection, never before published in the United States, presents art from the early fifteenth to the end of the eighteenth centuries. Selected with great care and impeccable taste by a highly respected artist and teacher, these drawings ...

ISBN: 9780486210322

Binding: Paperback


50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

by Lauren Friedman

<DIV>This charming little book shows 50 different ways to wear a scarf. From the Capri to the Paris, the Top Down, the Necklace, and the Clutch, there are creative scarf styles here for any occasion and mood. Jaunty illustrations from fashion ...

ISBN: 9781452125978

Binding: Hardback


A Bigger Message

Conversations with David Hockney

by Martin Gayford

<p>David Hockney is possibly the worlds most popular living painter, but he is also something else: an incisive and original thinker on art. Here are the fruits of his lifelong meditations on the problems and paradoxes of representing a ...

ISBN: 9780500773390

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A Companion to British Art

1600 to the Present

by Dana Arnold

This companion is a collection of newly-commissioned essays written by leading scholars in the field, providing a comprehensive introduction to British art history.<br /> <br /> <ul> <li>A generously-illustrated collection of ...

ISBN: 9781119170112

Binding: Paperback


A Jar of Wild Flowers

Essays in Celebration of John Berger

by Sally Potter

<p>‘John Berger has made the world a better place to live in. These essays tell us how he succeeded in that task.’<br /> Arundhati Roy</p> <p>In this collection of essays on the work of, and conversations with, John Berger, thirty-seven of his

ISBN: 9781783608829

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A Short Book about Drawing

by Andrew Marr

<DIV>Like millions of others, Andrew Marr draws. He hasn't had lessons, yet since childhood, the journalist and TV presenter has been at his happiest with a pen or brush in his hand. One way or another he draws most days, even if it's just a ...

ISBN: 9781849493345

Binding: Hardback


A Southern Music

by T.M. Krishna

<p>T.M. Krishna, one of the foremost Karnatik vocalists today, begins his panoramic exploration of that tradition with a fundamental question: what is music? Taking nothing for granted and addressing diverse readers from Karnatik music's rich ...

ISBN: 9789352772988

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A Sticky Note Guide to Life

by Chaz Hutton

<p>LIFE! What does it all mean? Chaz Hutton, the world’s first sticky note lifestyle guru, has taken it upon himself to figure it all out so we don’t have to. He covers all the important things: dating, working, eating, fighting gorillas, the ...

ISBN: 9780008187637

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A Surrealist Stratigraphy of Dorothea Tanning’s Chasm

by Catriona McAra

<p>In <em>A Surrealist Stratigraphy of Dorothea Tanning</em>’s Chasm, Catriona McAra offers the first critical study of the literary work of the celebrated American painter and sculptor Dorothea Tanning (1910–2012). McAra fills a major gap in ...

ISBN: 9781315390567

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A Syncretistic Theory of Depiction

by Professor Alberto Voltolini

<p >What is depiction? This is a venerable question that has received many different answers throughout the whole history of philosophy, especially in contemporary times. <span style="font-style:italic;" >A Syncretistic Theory of ...

ISBN: 9781137263308

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A Theory of Minimalism

by Marc Botha

<p>The explosion of minimalism into the worlds of visual arts, music and literature in the mid-to-late twentieth century presents one of the most radical and decisive revolutions in aesthetic history. Detested by some, embraced by others, ...

ISBN: 9781472526540

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The Treasures

by Carl Magnus Palm

<DIV>With their irresistible brand of pop, ABBA was the band that made dancing queens groove, the group that never met its Waterloo, the winner that took it all. They outsold and outperformed all their rivals throughout the 1970s, inspired a hit

ISBN: 9781780974941

Binding: Hardback