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Arabia (Coloring Book)

Color In; De-stress (72 Tear-out Pages)

by Vive Le Color

ISBN: 9781419722530

Binding: Paperback



A Guide to Spotting & Sketching Urban Landscapes

by Simone Ridyard

The urban sketcher's ultimate guide to drawing buildings! ...

ISBN: 9781845436285

Binding: Paperback


Architecture in Abjection

Bodies, Spaces and their Relations

by Zuzana Kovar

<p>This book marks a turning point in architectural theory by using philosophy to examine the field anew.<br /> Breaking from the traditional dualism within architecture – which presents the body as subject and space as object – it examines how

ISBN: 9781786722874

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by Duncan Thomson

ISBN: 9780714835211

Binding: Paperback


Art Abandonment Project


ISBN: 9781440329944

Binding: Paperback


Art Anatomy of Animals


A prolific author of books on wildlife, the great naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton was also an accomplished illustrator. Noting a dearth of general zoological anatomies for artists, he took it upon himself to create one. This volume is the ...

ISBN: 9780486447476

Binding: Paperback


Art Anatomy Simplified


This is the most entertaining and easy-to-use anatomy text you'll ever see. The author a practiced artist, teacher, and cartoonist delivers the keys to figure construction in a direct, easy-to-follow, and highly visual manner. Students of ...

ISBN: 9780486452623

Binding: Paperback


Art and Animals

by Giovanni Aloi

<p>'Art is continually haunted by the animal,' wrote Deleuze and Guattari. Over the past two decades, animals have quite literally invaded the gallery space, from Joseph Beuy's co-habiting with a coyote, Janis Kounelli's instillation of live ...

ISBN: 9780857732750

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Art and Commerce in Late Imperial Russia

The Peredvizhniki, a Partnership of Artists

by Dr Andrey Shabanov

<p>Andrey Shabanov's seminal reinterpretation of the Peredvizhniki is a comprehensive study that examines in-depth for the first time the organizational structure, self-representation, exhibitions, and critical reception of this 19th-century ...

ISBN: 9781501335532

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Art and Technique of Pen Drawing


A practical course in pen and ink drawing, this helpful guide includes a comprehensive survey of the best pen work in existence. A wide diversity of styles are presented - from loose sketches to rich, engraving-like studies. Works from all ...

ISBN: 9780486426051

Binding: Paperback


Art and the Politics of Visibility

Contesting the Global, Local and the In-Between

by Zeena Feldman

<p>In an era of unprecedented global mobility, artists face unique challenges. How does cultural context affect the interpretation of art? What makes artists' work transnational or national in character, and how will their visibility be impacted

ISBN: 9781786722942

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Art as Extraordinary Science

A paradigm for the 21st century

by Jenny Waller

<p>Art education has gone through a number of paradigms since its origins in the medieval guilds. Yet ever since joining the university system in the 1970s, art departments have struggled to articulate a contemporary paradigm which accurately ...

ISBN: 9781911110095

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Art At The Speed Of Life


Offering terrific mixed-media art projects, as well as great tips for getting organized and inspired, Art at the Speed of Life is a treasure chest of ideas for the artist whose fiery enthusiasm for creating art goes up in smoke after that ...

ISBN: 9781596682610

Binding: Paperback


Art Attacks

Violence and Offence-Taking in India

by Malvika Maheshwari

<p>Since the end of the 1980s in India, self-styled representatives of a variety of ascriptive groups—religious, caste, regional, and linguistic—have been routinely damaging artworks, disrupting their exhibition, and threatening and assaulting ...

ISBN: 9780199093786

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Art Escapes


Inspire your creative spirit--everyday! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, Art Escapes provides the ideas and encouragement you need to discover greater creativity and artistic confidence, even when you're short on time. ...

ISBN: 9781440311734

Binding: Paperback


Art for War and Peace

How a Great Public Art Project Helped Canada Define Itself

by Ian Sigvaldason

<p>The largest public art project in Canadian history, the Sampson-Matthews print program began as wartime&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">propaganda and lasted into the 1960s. The bright silkscreens hung in every school, library, bank ...

ISBN: 9781927018705

Binding: Hardback


Art from Milingimbi

by Cara Pinchbeck

ISBN: 9781741741285

Binding: Paperback


Art in Europe

by Victoria Charles

<p>The European continent gathers together, without a doubt, the most famous works of art, evidence of the history of Western art. The cultural capitals and their emblematic museums contain paintings, sculptures, or rather works of art, devised ...

ISBN: 9781783109005

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Art in the Making

Artists and their Materials from the Studio to Crowdsourcing

by Adamson & Bryan-Wilson

<p>Todays artists have an unprecedented level of choice with regard to materials and methods available to them, yet the processes involved in making artworks are rarely addressed in books or exhibitions on art. Here, Glenn Adamson and Julia ...

ISBN: 9780500773420

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Art in Theory 1900 - 2000

An Anthology of Changing Ideas

by Charles Harrison

This popular anthology of twentieth-century art theoretical texts has now been expanded to take account of new research, and to include significant contributions to art theory from the 1990s. <ul> <li>New edition of this popular anthology of ...

ISBN: 9780631227083

Binding: Paperback