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Art Visionaries

by Mark Getlein

ISBN: 9781780675770

Binding: Paperback


Arthur Carter:Studies for Construction

Studies for Construction

by Charles A Riley

ISBN: 9781419704529

Binding: Hardback


Arthur Carter:The Geometry of Passion

The Geometry of Passion

by Robert C

ISBN: 9781419717819

Binding: Hardback


Artist's Guide to Animal Anatomy


This superbly illustrated and easy-to-follow guide by an internationally renowned artist and teacher illuminates many biomechanical concepts important in portraying a variety of animals in a wide array of positions. Nearly 150 illustrations, 78 ...

ISBN: 9780486436401

Binding: Paperback



Choose a category, pick a prompt and draw!

by Taylor McNee

<p>Stuck for something to draw? Want to improve your skills on the widest range of subjects you possibly can? Searching for inspiration for that graphic novel you’ve been planning to start work on forever? Then look no further. Artprompts, ...

ISBN: 9781911042716

Binding: Kobo eBook



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As I Walked (and other Christmas poems)

by Kevin Carey

<p>Christmas Carols are one of the most visible parts of Christianity, instantly recognisable to church-goers and others alike. Over the years many fine new musical settings have emerged, but the words remain the same. Kevin Carey has been ...

ISBN: 9781910519189

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Ashcan Art, Whiteness, and the Unspectacular Man

by Alexis L. Boylan

<p>Arriving in New York City in the first decade of the twentieth century, six painters-Robert Henri, John Sloan, Everett Shinn, Glackens, George Luks, and George Bellows, subsequently known as the Ashcan Circle-faced a visual culture that ...

ISBN: 9781501325762

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Ashley Jackson: The Yorkshire Artist

A Lifetime of Inspiration Captured in Watercolour

by Ashley Jackson

<SPAN STYLE= "" >Ashley Jackson – The Yorkshire Artist' contains a collection of paintings that have been personally chosen by the artist to bring together his personal memories and intimate reflections of the emotions and atmosphere that he has

ISBN: 9781473898028

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Ashley Longshore

I Do Not Cook, I Do Not Clean, I Do Not Fly Commercial

by Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore delivers exactly what her fans are clamoring for: a look at Ashley&#39;s big life, her audacious aphorisms, and of course her sumptuous, glittering art in sublime detail. Ashley Longshore&#39;s pop-art paintings are always ...

ISBN: 9780847866465

Binding: Hardback


Auguste Rodin

by Jane Mayo Roos

ISBN: 9780714841489

Binding: Hardback


Australian Colonial Art 1800-1900

by Ron Radford

ISBN: 9780730830177

Binding: Hardback


Automobile Design Graphics

by Heimann Jim ; Heller Steven ; Donnelly J

Frequently overlooked in design and automotive histories, this piece of ephemera is a surprisingly lucid mirror image of American tastes, consumerism, and buying habits since the dawn of the automobile. Automobile Design Graphics 1900ndash;1973 ...

ISBN: 9783822853719

Binding: Hardback


Awkward Beauty:The Art of Lucy Jones

The Art of Lucy Jones

by Shakespeare Tom

ISBN: 9781912617036

Binding: Hardback


BA Paul Nash re-issue

by David Boyd Haycock

ISBN: 9781849764391

Binding: Hardback


Barbara Hepworth (British Artists)

by Penelope Curtis

ISBN: 9781849760423

Binding: Hardback


Barbara Hepworth: Writings and Conv

by Sophie Bowness

ISBN: 9781849765626

Binding: Paperback


Barbara Hepworth:The Sculptor in the Studio

The Sculptor in the Studio

by Sophie Bowness

ISBN: 9781849765268

Binding: Paperback


Barbara Nessim:An Artful Life

An Artful Life

by David Galloway

ISBN: 9781419707681

Binding: Hardback


Basic Color Theory (Special Subjects)

An introduction to color for beginning artists

by Walter Foster Publishing

Basic Color Theory introduces beginning artists to the elementary concepts related to the color wheel, color relationships, and incorporating color in artwork. ...

ISBN: 9781633225909

Binding: Paperback


Basquiat:A Graphic Novel

A Graphic Novel

by Parisi Paolo

ISBN: 9781786274151

Binding: Hardback