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by Félix Witting & M.L. Patrizi

<p>After staying in Milan for his apprenticeship, Michelangelo da Caravaggio arrived in Rome in 1592. There he started to paint with both realism and psychological analysis of the sitters. Caravaggio was as temperamental in his painting as in ...

ISBN: 9781783107575

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by Timothy Wilson-Smith

ISBN: 9780714834856

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by N?ret Gilles Lambert Gilles

A genius beyond his time Notorious bad boy of Italian Baroque painting, Caravaggio (1571-1610) is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Though his name may be familiar to all of us, his work has been habitually detested and forced into ...

ISBN: 9783822863053

Binding: Hardback


Caravaggio and His World

by edmund Et Al Capon

ISBN: 9780734763532

Binding: Paperback


Card Play


Create your own year-long weekly journal by adding paint, collage and text to a set of playing cards. ...

ISBN: 9781440348037

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Carl Andre

Things in Their Elements

by Alistair Rider

ISBN: 9780714849225

Binding: Hardback


Carl Larsson

by Klaus H. Carl

<p>Slip into the idyllic world of turn-of-the-century, rural Sweden with this monograph dedicated to Carl Larsson, the national treasure whose delicate drawings and paintings proffer a vision of his enchanting family life. Accompanying details ...

ISBN: 9781683254447

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Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting


Written by a famous American painter and teacher, whose landscapes are found in many of the world's most noted museums, this book is known as one of the art students' most helpful guides. It provides a wealth of advice on the choice of subject; ...

ISBN: 9780486229270

Binding: Paperback


Caroline Broadhead

by Liesbeth den Besten

<p>Caroline Broadhead (b. 1950) is a highly versatile artist who started in jewellery in the late 1970s. Since then she extended her practice from ‘wearable objects’ and textile works to dance collaborations and installations in historic ...

ISBN: 9783897905085

Binding: Hardback


Carrington's Letters

Her Art, Her Loves, Her Friendships

by Dora Carrington

<p><strong>Carrington's beguiling letters take us beyond the Bloomsbury group to discuss sexual mores, how to be an artist, and what it is to be truly oneself.</strong></p> <p>Known only by her surname, Dora Carrington was the star of her year ...

ISBN: 9781448137312

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Cartooning, Caricature and Animation Made Easy


Written by an experienced teacher of cartooning, this volume combines The Secrets of Cartooning, the author's first and more elementary book, and The Art of Cartooning, his follow-up, in which he answered questions raised by readers of his ...

ISBN: 9780486431529

Binding: Paperback


Carve, Stamp, Play


Take an exciting journey into printing with custom-carved stamps! In this complete stamp-carving workshop, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer covers every aspect of creating and using rubber stamps, including carving linear and curved designs, alphabets, ...

ISBN: 9781596688865

Binding: Paperback


Cat in Art

by Stefano Zuffi

ISBN: 9780810993280

Binding: Hardback


Caterina And The Lemonade Stand

by Eitter Kono Erin

Caterina loves big, creative projects, like planning a lemonade stand - the perfect summer pastime. But everybody else seems to have the same idea. How can she make her stand truly stand out? . Leave it to artistic Caterina (and her ...

ISBN: 9780803739031

Binding: Hardback


Cecil Beaton

Portraits and Profiles

by Cecil Beaton

This beautiful collection of fabulous photographs and incisive pen portraits captures the world of Cecil Beaton, one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of the twentieth century. ...

ISBN: 9780711239210

Binding: Paperback


Celebrate Your Creative Self: 25 Painting Excercises to Discover Your Inner Artist


Learn to act on your artistic inspirations and embrace the creative process. Celebrate Your Creative Self helps you act upon your artistic inspirations and joyfully appreciate the creative process. You'll develop the skills you need to express

ISBN: 9781440347030

Binding: Paperback


Century City: Art and Culture in the

by iwona Ed Blazwick

ISBN: 9781854373441

Binding: Paperback



by Catherine Dean

ISBN: 9780714826820

Binding: Paperback



by Becks-Malorny Ulrike

In the latter half of the 19th century, in the verdant countryside near Aix-en-Provence, Paul Ceacute;zanne (1839ndash;1906), busily plied his brush to landscapes and still-lifes that would become anchors of modern art. With compact, intense ...

ISBN: 9783836530170

Binding: Hardback



by Mary Tompkins Lewis

ISBN: 9780714835150

Binding: Paperback