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Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists


""Highly recommended as one of the very few books on the subject worthy of being used an an authoritative guide."" - Design ""Illustrators, sculptors, and taxidermists who draw or model animals will welcome this new revised edition."" - Natural ...

ISBN: 9780486200828

Binding: Paperback


Auguste Rodin

by Jane Mayo Roos

ISBN: 9780714841489

Binding: Hardback


Automobile Design Graphics

by Heimann Jim ; Heller Steven ; Donnelly J

Frequently overlooked in design and automotive histories, this piece of ephemera is a surprisingly lucid mirror image of American tastes, consumerism, and buying habits since the dawn of the automobile. Automobile Design Graphics 1900ndash;1973 ...

ISBN: 9783822853719

Binding: Hardback


Awesome Acrylics


Get creative and push acrylic paintsto the limit by experimenting with 12 versatile techniques from Dina Wakley. ...

ISBN: 9781440350115

Binding: DVD Audio

Audio Book

BA Paul Nash re-issue

by David Boyd Haycock

ISBN: 9781849764391

Binding: Hardback


Barbara Hepworth (British Artists)

by Penelope Curtis

ISBN: 9781849760423

Binding: Hardback


Barbara Hepworth: Writings and Conversations

by Sophie Bowness

ISBN: 9781849763301

Binding: Hardback


Barbara Nessim

by David Galloway

ISBN: 9781419707681

Binding: Hardback


Barnaby Furnas

by barnaby Furnas

ISBN: 9780810996250

Binding: Hardback


Basic Color Theory (Special Subjects)

An introduction to color for beginning artists

by Walter Foster Publishing

Basic Color Theory introduces beginning artists to the elementary concepts related to the color wheel, color relationships, and incorporating color in artwork. ...

ISBN: 9781633225909

Binding: Paperback


Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings

by Donny Miller

ISBN: 9780810949164

Binding: Hardback


Beautiful Women Japanese Prints Coloring Book

Japanese Prints Coloring Book

by Noor Azlina Yunus

<p>Featuring elegant woodblock prints of beautiful Japanese women, this adult colouring book is the perfect stress-reliever for fans of Japanese fashion and art.</p><p><i>Beautiful Women</i>&nbsp;celebrates 200 years of women in Japanese art — ...

ISBN: 9784805314692

Binding: Paperback


Beauty of the Beast

by Parkstone Press

<p> For all time, artists have maintained a close relationship with the animal world, which has proved to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. First, they received inspiration directly from their environment. Then animals were used in art ...

ISBN: 9781906981457

Binding: Hardback


Beckmann, Max

by sean Ed Rainbird

ISBN: 9781854374585

Binding: Paperback


Beckmann, Max

by sean Ed Rainbird

ISBN: 9781854374936

Binding: Hardback


Becoming Andy Warhol

by Nick Bertozzi

ISBN: 9781419718755

Binding: Hardback


Becoming Andy Warhol

by Bertozzi Nick

ISBN: 9781419718762

Binding: Paperback


Beginner's Guide to Perspective


Perspective is one of the most difficult skills to master-even for seasoned artists. In this book, distinguished artist and art educator Victor Perard shows clearly how the use of such simple techniques as vanishing points and perspective lines ...

ISBN: 9780486451480

Binding: Paperback


Beginning Color Mixing (Portfolio)

Tips and techniques for mixing vibrant colors and cohesive palettes

by Quarto US

Learn the key aspects of color mixing and create vibrant, cohesive paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. ...

ISBN: 9781633224902

Binding: Paperback


Ben Nicholson

by chris Ed Stephens

ISBN: 9781854377401

Binding: Paperback