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...isms Understanding Modern Art

by Sam Phillips

This is a handy guide to the art 'isms' of the modern day. From Impressionism and the birth of modern art to street art and Internationalism of the 21st century, it gives a practical introduction to all the significant isms that have shaped ...

ISBN: 9781408171783

Binding: Paperback


10,000 Years of Art

by Phaidon Editors

ISBN: 9780714849690

Binding: Paperback


1000 Erotic Works of Genius

by Hans-Jurgen Dopp

From ancient fertility statues to Renaissance engravings designed to encourage procreation within marriage, erotic art has always held an important place in society. This book features 1,000 images of erotic art, spanning centuries and ...

ISBN: 9781844844623

Binding: Hardback


1000 Portraits of Genius

by Victoria Charles

With its impressive number of masterpieces, biographies, and commentaries on works, this resource presents and analyses different portraits, consequently exposing a reflection of the evolution of society, and above all the upheavals of a genre ...

ISBN: 9781844848034

Binding: Hardback


1000 Sculptures of Genius

by Patrick Bade

Offers a panorama of artistic creation between the High Antiquity and the twentieth century. Along with references, comments on masterworks and biographies, this work enables readers to rediscover the Western world heritage. It is suitable for ...

ISBN: 9781844842155

Binding: Paperback


1001 Symbols

by Jack Tresidder

ISBN: 9781907486814

Binding: Paperback


1066: The Hidden History of the Bayeux Tapestry

by Andrew Bridgeford

A brilliant new reading of the Bayeux Tapestry that radically alters our understanding of the events of 1066 and reveals the astonishing story of the survival of early medieval Europe’s greatest treasure. This edition does not include ...

ISBN: 9780007394135

Binding: Kobo eBook

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175 Years of the Royal College of Art

by Fiona MacCarthy

ISBN: 9781907342516

Binding: Hardback


1st Grade American History: Early Pilgrims of America

First Grade Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that children are more photographic than they are textual? Science says so; therefore, it important to use the right resources that would tap their interest. With that, a good tool to use when teaching about history is a picture ...

ISBN: 9781682807835

Binding: Kobo eBook

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20th C European Art in Nga-Cal 99

by National Gallery of Australia

ISBN: 9780000110541

Binding: Mixed media product


25 International Artists Who Have Made an Impact

by Ronnie Scott

ISBN: 9781925432282

Binding: Hardback


30 Millennia of Erotic Art

by Hans-Jurgen Dopp

From the thousand-year-old statues celebrating fertility to the odalisques of the modern painters, erotic art has always held a prominent place in society, whatever their morals or cultural references.This work has assembled one thousand images ...

ISBN: 9781844848324

Binding: Hardback


30 Millennia of Painting

by Parkstone International

Punctuated by extended commentaries of the paintings and biographies of the most influential artists, this work, with its thousand reproductions, contains virtually all of the history of art within its pages, and offers a fascinating view of the

ISBN: 9781844848157

Binding: Hardback


30 Millennia of Sculpture

by Joseph Manca

Offering an integral vision of the evolution of forms across civilizations and epochs, "30 Centuries of Sculpture" presents the masterpieces of sculpture that, with their intriguing silhouettes, have shaped the current notion of beauty. ...

ISBN: 9781844848171

Binding: Hardback


30,000 Years of Art

The story of human creativity across time and space

by Phaidon Editors

ISBN: 9780714847894

Binding: Hardback


33 Artists in 3 Acts

by Sarah Thornton

A generational touchstone by the leading authority on the art world, a captivating book in three parts which seeks to answer the contentious question 'What is an Artist?' ...

ISBN: 9781847089052

Binding: Paperback


400 Art Deco Motifs - With CD

by Graham McCallum

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781906388621

Binding: CD-Audio

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50 Art Ideas

You Really Need to Know

by Susie Hodge

ISBN: 9780857385024

Binding: Hardback




<p>Art and Craft is a diverse and creative subject that allows kids to explore ideas or concepts and then express it by making something. Today arts and crafts are a great pastime and educational tool for kids. It can not only keep the tiny tots

ISBN: 9789352150038

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by Gisler-huwiler Madeleine & Schtze Sebas

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9783836556422

Binding: Hardback