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Art, Passion & Power

The Story of the Royal Collection

by Michael Hall

<p>&quot;Hall’s consummate history is not just the story of the evolution of one of the world’s great collections… The book is also a through-the-keyhole insight into the shifting tastes, good or bad, of 1,000 years of monarchs.&quot;<br ...

ISBN: 9781473530959

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Arte Povera

by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

ISBN: 9780714845562

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Artisans of Israel

Transcending Tradition

by Lynn Holstein

<p>In <i>Artisans of Israel</i> the author Lynn Holstein portrays forty artisans from five trades (jewellery and metal design, ceramic and glass, textiles, paper, and wood) who honour above all the continual pursuit for innovation.<br></p><p>The

ISBN: 9783897905016

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Artist and Empire

Facing Britain's Imperial Past

by eds

ISBN: 9781849763592

Binding: Paperback


Artist and Empire

Facing Britain's Imperial Past

by eds

ISBN: 9781849763431

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Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece

by Kristen Seaman & Peter Schultz

<p>Greek artists and architects were important social agents who played significant roles in the social, cultural, and economic life of the ancient Greek world. In Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece, art historians, ...

ISBN: 9781108155434

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Artists and Signatures in Ancient Greece

by Jeffrey M. Hurwit

<p>The Greeks inscribed their works of art and craft with labels identifying mythological or historical figures, bits of poetry, and claims of ownership. But no type of inscription is more hotly debated or more intriguing than the artist's ...

ISBN: 9781316349519

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Artists Living with Art

by Stacey Goergen

ISBN: 9781419717826

Binding: Hardback


Arts of Allusion

Object, Ornament, and Architecture in Medieval Islam

by Margaret S. Graves

<p>The art of the object reached unparalleled heights in the medieval Islamic world, yet the intellectual dimensions of ceramics, metalwares, and other plastic arts in this milieu have not always been acknowledged. <em>Arts of Allusion</em> ...

ISBN: 9780190695934

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Arts of Engagement

Taking Aesthetic Action In and Beyond the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

by Dylan Robinson & Keavy Martin

<p><em>Arts of Engagement</em> focuses on the role that music, film, visual art, and Indigenous cultural practices play in and beyond Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools. Contributors here examine the ...

ISBN: 9781771121712

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Assassin's Creed - Desmond

by Andy McVittie

Tells the story of Desmond Miles' abduction by Abstergo and their plans to rip the blood-steeped memories of Desmond's ancestors from his genetic code. ...

ISBN: 9781781163405

Binding: Hardback



The Holy Mountain

by Sydney Loch

<p>Athos, the Holy Mountain of Greece, is one of the most mysterious places in the world. A rugged pyramid that rises up from the Aegean Sea, the mountain is wreathed in myth, legend and ancient traditions that, to this day, remain largely ...

ISBN: 9781786721938

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Sacred Gods from Polynesia

by Michael Gunn

<p>The Polynesian concept of <i>atua</i>—of gods, figurative objects and associated beliefs—developed over thousands of years and spread throughout the region. The superb examples of sculpture illustrated in this volume provide an ...

ISBN: 9780642334480

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ISBN: 9781907533457

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Australiana to Zeitgeist: An A-Z of Contemporary Australian Art

by Loughnan Melissa

ISBN: 9780500500897

Binding: Paperback


Bad New Days

Art, Criticism, Emergency

by Hal Foster

<p>One of the world’s leading art theorists dissects a quarter century of artistic practice</p> <p>Bad New Days examines the evolution of art and criticism in Western Europe and North America over the last twenty-five years, exploring their ...

ISBN: 9781784781477

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Badiou Reframed

Interpreting Key Thinkers for the Arts

by Dr Alex Ling

<p>He has been regarded with suspicion by some, as an anti-postmodernist who dared to write about unfashionable concepts such as truth and meaning. But in recent years, the philosopher Alain Badiou has risen in prominence, pioneering new ways to

ISBN: 9781786720627

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Island of the Gods

by Robyn Maxwell

<p>For Australians, Bali is easily the best known and most frequently visited island of Indonesia. It is thus surprising that&nbsp;<i>Bali: island of the gods&nbsp;</i>is the first comprehensive exhibition of Balinese art to be held on this ...

ISBN: 9780642334497

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The Man Behind the Wall

by Will Ellsworth-Jones

ISBN: 9781781310403

Binding: Paperback


Barber & Osgerby: Projects

by Jana Scholze

ISBN: 9780714874838

Binding: Hardback