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The Viennese Secession

by Victoria Charles & Klaus Carl

<p>A symbol of modernity, the Viennese Secession was defined by the rebellion of twenty artists who were against the conservative Vienna Künstlerhaus' oppressive influence over the city, the epoch, and the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. ...

ISBN: 9781783103942

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The Warsaw Ghetto in American Art and Culture

by Samantha Baskind

<p>On the eve of Passover, April 19, 1943, Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto staged a now legendary revolt against their Nazi oppressors. Since that day, the deprivation and despair of life in the ghetto and the dramatic uprising of its inhabitants have

ISBN: 9780271081465

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The Women Who Inspired London Art

The Avico Sisters and Other Models of the Early 20th Century

by Lucy Merello Peterson

<p>This is the story of women caught up in the tumultuous art scene of the early twentieth century, some famous and others lost to time.</p> <p>By 1910 the patina of the belle époque was wearing thin in London. Artists were on the hunt for ...

ISBN: 9781526725264

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The Young Leonardo

Art and Life in Fifteenth-Century Florence

by Larry J. Feinberg

<p>Leonardo da Vinci is often presented as the 'transcendent genius', removed from or ahead of his time. This book, however, attempts to understand him in the context of Renaissance Florence. Larry J. Feinberg explores Leonardo's origins and the

ISBN: 9781139140096

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Theater outside Athens

Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy

by Kathryn Bosher

<p>This volume brings together archeologists, art historians, philologists, literary scholars, political scientists, and historians to articulate the ways in which western Greek theater was distinct from that of the Greek mainland and, at the ...

ISBN: 9781139507868

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Themes of Contemporary Art

Visual Art after 1980

by Jean Robertson

ISBN: 9780190276621

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Theodosius II

Rethinking the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity

by Christopher Kelly

<p>Theodosius II (AD 408–450) was the longest reigning Roman emperor. Ever since Edward Gibbon, he has been dismissed as mediocre and ineffectual. Yet Theodosius ruled an empire which retained its integrity while the West was broken up by ...

ISBN: 9781107272781

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Theophilus and the Theory and Practice of Medieval Art

by Heidi C. Gearhart

<p>In this study of the rare twelfth-century treatise <em>On Diverse Arts</em>, Heidi C. Gearhart explores the unique system of values that guided artists of the High Middle Ages as they created their works.</p> <p>Written in northern Germany ...

ISBN: 9780271079813

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Think Like an Artist, Don't Act Like One:Common Sense from an Une

Common Sense from an Unexpected Source

by Koos Wilt

ISBN: 9789063694685

Binding: Hardback


Think Like An Artistife

by Will Gompertz

Why do some people seem to find it easy to come up with brilliant, fresh ideas? And how do they turn them into something worthwhile? After spending years getting up close and personal with some of the world's greatest creative thinkers, the ...

ISBN: 9780241970805

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This is Dali

by Catherine Ingram

ISBN: 9781780671093

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This Model World

Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art

by Anthony Byrt

<p>In April 2011, Anthony Byrt was living in Berlin and building a career as a critic, writing about contemporary art for magazines like frieze and Artforum International. Then one day his world turned upside down. A baby boy, two weeks in ...

ISBN: 9781775588955

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This Wondrous Land

by Alisa Bunbury

ISBN: 9780724103447

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Through a Glass Brightly

Studies in Byzantine and Medieval Art and Archaeology Presented to David Buckton

by Chris Entwistle

<SPAN STYLE= "" >The twenty-five papers in this volume cover diverse aspects of the material culture of the late Roman, Byzantine and Medieval periods, with particular emphasis on the metalwork and enamel of these times. Individual papers ...

ISBN: 9781785702730

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Time, Duration and Change in Contemporary Art

Beyond the Clock

by Kate Bretkelly-Chalmers

<p>Time, Duration and Change in Contemporary Art presents a major study of time as a key aesthetic dimension of recent art practices. This book explores different aspects of time across a broad range of artistic media and draws on recent ...

ISBN: 9781783209200

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by Sir Claude Phillips

<p>Not only does Sir Claude Phillips offer the reader a studied and insightful loook into the work of one of the world's most cherished painters, but he also invites us to discover the bustling world on the Venetian art circle in which Titian ...

ISBN: 9781785259388

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To Paint a War:The lives of the Australian artists who painted th

"The lives of the Australian artists who painted the Great War, 1914-1918"

by Richard Travers

ISBN: 9780500500903

Binding: Paperback


Toledo Cathedral

Building Histories in Medieval Castile

by Tom Nickson

<p>Medieval Toledo is famous as a center of Arabic learning and as a home to sizable Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities. Yet its cathedral—one of the largest, richest, and best preserved in all of Europe—is little known outside Spain. In ...

ISBN: 9780271076614

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Tombs of the Ancient Poets

Between Literary Reception and Material Culture

by Nora Goldschmidt & Barbara Graziosi

<p>This volume explores the ways in which the tombs of the ancient poets - real or imagined - act as crucial sites for the reception of Greek and Latin poetry. Drawing together a range of examples, the collection makes a distinctive contribution

ISBN: 9780192561046

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Torres Strait Islands, The

by Diane Moon

ISBN: 9781921503207

Binding: Paperback