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Alexander: New Dimensions in Art

by Alexander

Respected and internationally collected artist. Introductions by Edward Lucie Smith, leading art historian and author, and Peter Frank reowned art critic and writer. ...

ISBN: 9781910787762

Binding: Hardback


All About Process

The Theory and Discourse of Modern Artistic Labor

by Kim Grant

<p>In recent years, many prominent and successful artists have claimed that their primary concern is not the artwork they produce but the artistic process itself. In this volume, Kim Grant analyzes this idea and traces its historical roots, ...

ISBN: 9780271079479

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Amateur Craft

History and Theory

by Stephen Knott

<p><em>Amateur Craft</em> provides an illuminating and historically-grounded account of amateur craft in the modern era, from 19th century Sunday painters and amateur carpenters to present day railway modellers and yarnbombers. Stephen Knott's ...

ISBN: 9781472577375

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Ambitious Alignments

New Histories of Southeast Asian Art, 1945–1990

by Stephen H. Whiteman

<p>‘How does one define the art of a region without losing sight of cultural specificity? This question has often plagued art historical studies of the “global,” but this exceptional collaborative research effort, conceived through archival ...

ISBN: 9780909952921

Binding: Paperback


Amenhotep III

Egypt's Radiant Pharaoh

by Arielle P. Kozloff

<p>This book follows the life story of Amenhotep III, one of the most important rulers of ancient Egypt, from his birth and into the afterlife. Amenhotep III ruled for thirty-eight years, from c.1391–1353 BC, during the apex of Egypt's ...

ISBN: 9781139209823

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American Art 1908-1947

by eric Ed de Chassey

ISBN: 9780810963634

Binding: Hardback


American Graffiti

by Margo Thompson

Offers an analysis of the intersections between graffiti art and the work of Basquiat. This book analyses the similar backgrounds of the graffiti artists and Basquiat, and while also drawing the distinctions which propelled Basquiat to ...

ISBN: 9781844845613

Binding: Hardback


American Modernism

by Roger R Remington

ISBN: 9781780670980

Binding: Paperback


American Painting of the Nineteenth Century

Realism, Idealism, and the American Experience

by Barbara Novak

<p>In this distinguished work, which Hilton Kramer in <em>The New York Times Book Review</em> called &quot;surely the best book ever written on the subject,&quot; Barbara Novak illuminates what is essentially American about American art. She ...

ISBN: 9780190294878

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Ancient Bronzes of the Eastern Eurasi

by Bunker Et Al

ISBN: 9780810963481

Binding: Hardback


Ancient Egypt

An Introduction

by Salima Ikram

<p>This book provides an introduction to one of the greatest civilizations of all time – ancient Egypt. Beginning with a geographical overview that explains the development of Egyptian belief systems as well as its subsequent political ...

ISBN: 9781316099506

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Ancient Egypt Investigated

101 Important Questions and Intriguing Answers

by Thomas Schneider

<p>How well do we really know ancient Egypt? The world of the Egyptians seems so familiar to us: exhibitions of ancient art and archaeological discoveries in the desert sands continue to generate interest and amazement, while Egyptian motifs ...

ISBN: 9780857734099

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Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture: A Very Short Introduction

by Christina Riggs

<p>From Berlin to Boston, and St Petersburg to Sydney, ancient Egyptian art fills the galleries of some of the world's greatest museums, while the architecture of Egyptian temples and pyramids has attracted tourists to Egypt for centuries. But ...

ISBN: 9780191505263

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Ancient Greek Music

A New Technical History

by Stefan Hagel

<p>This book endeavours to pinpoint the relations between musical, and especially instrumental, practice and the evolving conceptions of pitch systems. It traces the development of ancient melodic notation from reconstructed origins, through ...

ISBN: 9781139248662

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Ancient Mythological Images and their Interpretation

An Introduction to Iconology, Semiotics and Image Studies in Classical Art History

by Katharina Lorenz

<p>When we try to make sense of pictures, what do we gain when we use a particular method - and what might we be missing or even losing? Empirical experimentation on three types of mythological imagery - a Classical Greek pot, a frieze from ...

ISBN: 9781316718698

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Andrea Mantegna

Making Art (History)

by Stephen J. Campbell

<i>Andrea Mantegna: Making Art (History)</i> presents the art of Mantegna as challenging the parameters of the history of art in the demands it makes upon historical interpretation, and explores the artist?s potentially transformative impact on ...

ISBN: 9781118921142

Binding: Paperback


Andy Warhol Diaries, The

by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol kept these diaries faithfully from November 1976 right up to his final week, in February 1987. Written at the height of his fame and success, Warhol records the fun of an Academy Awards party, nights out at Studio 54, trips between ...

ISBN: 9780141193076

Binding: Paperback



by Clara Erskine Clement

This work includes pictures of angels by some of the greatest classical and contemporary artists, featuring everything from delicate, whimsical cupids to majestic depictions of the Archangel Michael. ...

ISBN: 9781844847792

Binding: Hardback


Animal Odyssey

Coloring from the Familiar to the Fantastic

by Chris Garver

<DIV><B>The second coloring book from celebrated tattoo artist Chris Garver&mdash;star of <I>Miami Ink</I>.</B><BR /> Come along on a coloring safari! Featuring a wide array of animals and environments, <I>Animal Odyssey</I> offers the same ...

ISBN: 9781942021568

Binding: Paperback


Animating Empire

Automata, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Early Modern World

by Jessica Keating

<p>In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, German clockwork automata were collected, displayed, and given as gifts throughout the Holy Roman, Ottoman, and Mughal Empires. In <em>Animating Empire</em>, Jessica Keating recounts the lost ...

ISBN: 9780271081496

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