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Concepts of Value in European Material Culture, 1500-1900

by Professor Gareth Shaw

<p>In contemporary society it would seem self-evident that people allow the market to determine the values of products and services. For everything from a loaf of bread to a work of art to a simple haircut, value is expressed in monetary terms ...

ISBN: 9781472451989

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Conceptual Art

by Peter Osborne

ISBN: 9780714839301

Binding: Hardback


Conceptual Art

by Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714861128

Binding: Paperback


Conceptual Art

by Tony Godfrey

ISBN: 9780714833880

Binding: Paperback


Conceptual Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Art

by David W. Galenson

<p>From Picasso's Cubism and Duchamp's readymades to Warhol's silkscreens and Smithson's earthworks, the art of the twentieth century broke completely with earlier artistic traditions. A basic change in the market for advanced art produced a ...

ISBN: 9780511699795

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Concrete (Mini Format)

by William Hall

ISBN: 9780714875156

Binding: Hardback


Constructing the Viennese Modern Body

Art, Hysteria, and the Puppet

by Nathan J. Timpano

<p>This book takes a new, interdisciplinary approach to analyzing modern Viennese visual culture, one informed by Austro-German theater, contemporary medical treatises centered on hysteria, and an original examination of dramatic gestures in ...

ISBN: 9781315413679

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Contemporary Art and Memory

Images of Recollection and Remembrance

by Joan Gibbons

<p>Whether exploring the intimate recollections which make up the artist's own life history or questioning the way the gallery and museum present public memory, contemporary art, it would seem, is haunted by the past. 'Contemporary Art and ...

ISBN: 9780857731685

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Contemporary Art from the Middle East

Regional Interactions with Global Art Discourses

by Hamid Keshmirshekan

<p>This timely book tackles ongoing questions about how 'local' perspectives on contemporary art from the Middle East are defined and how these perspectives intersect with global art discourses. Leading figures from the Middle Eastern art world,

ISBN: 9780857738462

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Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction

by Julian Stallabrass

<p>Contemporary art has never been so popular - but what is 'contemporary' about contemporary art? What is its role today, and who is controlling its future? Bloody toy soldiers, gilded shopping carts, and embroidered tents. Contemporary art is ...

ISBN: 9780191578106

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Contemporary Native American Artist

by Suzanne Deats

Offers photography and portrayals of the lives and art of these Native artists: Jody Naranjo; Kevin Red Star; Ed Archie NoiseCat; Malcolm Furlow; Joe Cajero; Rhett Lynch; Fritz Casuse; Richard Aitson; Adrian Wall; Upton Ethelbah Jr; Jhane Myers;

ISBN: 9781423605591

Binding: Hardback


Contemporary Worlds Indonesia

by National Gallery of Australia

<p>Charting the turbulent post-<i>Reformasi</i>&nbsp;period in Indonesia from the fall of Suharto in 1998 to the present,&nbsp;<i>Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia </i>explores the vibrant and complex art of Australia's closest ...

ISBN: 9780642334817

Binding: Hardback


Cosmic Shift

Russian Contemporary Art Writing

by Ilya Kabakov, Emilia Kabakov, Boris Groys & others

<ul> <li> <p>Features a strong line-up of the country’s most prominent contemporary artists, writers, philosophers, curators and historians.</p> </li> <li> <p>Featuring: pioneers of the Moscow Conceptualism movement Ilya and Emilia Kabakov;

ISBN: 9781786993274

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Costume in the Comedies of Aristophanes

by Gwendolyn Compton-Engle

<p>This book offers an interpretation of the handling of costume in the plays of the fifth-century comic poet Aristophanes. Drawing on both textual and material evidence from the fourth- and fifth-century Greek world, it examines three layers of

ISBN: 9781316028155

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Paths of the Might have Been

by Christopher Prendergast

<p>What are counterfactuals and what is their point? In many cases, none at all. It may be true that if kangaroos didn't have tails, they would fall over, but they do have tails and if they didn't they wouldn't be kangaroos (or would they?). ...

ISBN: 9781350090101

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Courting Blakness: Recalibrating Knowledge In The SandstoneUniversity

by Fiona Foley

A celebration of 'Courting Blakness', a groundbreaking exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art. In a bold and unprecedented project, acclaimed international artist Fiona Foley curated a cutting-edge installation in the University of ...

ISBN: 9780702253805

Binding: Paperback


Craft Economies

by Susan Luckman & Nicola Thomas

<p><em>Craft Economies</em> provides a wide-ranging exploration of contemporary craft production, situating practices of amateur and professional making within a wider creative economy. Contributors address a diverse range of practices, sites ...

ISBN: 9781474259569

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100 Artists, 10 Curators, 10 Source Artists

by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

ISBN: 9780714843117

Binding: Hardback


Creating the Illusion (Turner Classic Movies)

A Fashionable History of Hollywood Costume Designers

by Jay Jorgensen

ISBN: 9780762456611

Binding: Hardback


Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity

Poets, Artists and Biography

by Richard Fletcher & Johanna Hanink

<p>What happened when creative biographers took on especially creative subjects (poets, artists and others) in Greek and Roman antiquity? Creative Lives in Classical Antiquity examines how the biographical traditions of ancient poets and artists

ISBN: 9781316756966

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