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Kimono Design

An Introduction to Textiles and Patterns

by Keiko Nitanai

<i>Kimono Design: An Introduction to Textiles and Patterns</i> uses hundreds of photographs and a wealth of information on colors, fabrics and embellishments to sketch a portrait of Japanese culture, art and thought. Lavish classical patterns, ...

ISBN: 9784805314289

Binding: Paperback


Knit:Innovation in Fashion, Art, Design

"Innovation in Fashion, Art, Design"

by Elliott

ISBN: 9781780674728

Binding: Hardback


Laboratory Lifestyles

The Construction of Scientific Fictions

by Russell Hughes, Sandra Kaji-O'Grady, Chris L. Smith & others

<p><strong>A generously illustrated examination of the boom in luxurious, resort-style scientific laboratories and how this affects scientists' work.</strong></p> <p>The past decade has seen an extraordinary laboratory-building boom. This new ...

ISBN: 9780262349758

Binding: Kobo eBook



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The Chanel Shows

by Simon Procter

Lagerfeld showcases in an oversize format ten years of Chanel&#39;s most influential fashion shows shot by English photographer Simon Procter. Over the past decade, fashion shows have evolved into monumental productions, requiring a level of ...

ISBN: 9780847863815

Binding: Hardback


Laser Cutting for Fashion and Textiles

by Laura Berens Baker

ISBN: 9781780676173

Binding: Hardback


Layout Essentials

100 Design Principles for Using Grids

by Beth Tondreau

This revised and updated version of Layout Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Using Grids is an essential design text that outlines and demonstrates basic layout/grid guidelines and rules. ...

ISBN: 9781631596315

Binding: Paperback


Layout for Graphic Designers

An Introduction

by Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris

<p>Layout for graphic design concerns the arrangement of text and images on a page. How these elements are positioned, both in relation to one another, and within the overall design scheme, will affect how content is viewed and received. Whether

ISBN: 9781474255561

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Leave Me Alone with the Recipes

The Life, Art, and Cookbook of Cipe Pineles

by Cipe Pineles, Sarah Rich, Wendy MacNaughton & others

<p><strong>Saveur &quot;Best New Cookbooks of the Year&quot;</strong><br /> <strong>Finalist for the Gourmand Award for Cookbook Design</strong></p> <p><strong>The newly discovered illustrated recipes of wildly influential yet unsung designer ...

ISBN: 9781632867155

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Leonhart Fuchs: The New Herbal

by Dressendrfer Werner

Leonhart Fuchs (1501ndash;1566,) was a founding father of modern botany, honored to this day in the vivid flower, and corresponding color, Fuchsia. In 1543, Fuchs combined his masterful botanical knowledge with groundbreaking medical research in

ISBN: 9783836538022

Binding: Paperback


Les Miserables

Manga Classics

by Hugo

<p>Adapted for stage and screen, loved by millions, Victor Hugo’s classic novel of love &amp; tragedy during the French Revolution is reborn in this fantastic new manga edition!&nbsp;</p><p>The gorgeous art of TseMei Lee brings to life the ...

ISBN: 9781927925164

Binding: Paperback


Lettering with Purpose

Creative techniques and prompts for making meaningful, inspirational hand-lettered art

by Brittany Luiz

Go beyond basic lettering skills and into the art of inspirational lettering! <i>Lettering with Purpose</i> is packed with engaging prompts to engage and inspire. ...

ISBN: 9781633223424

Binding: Paperback


Lettering: For Students and Craftspeople


A Dover re-publication of a 1930 volume on calligraphy lettering that distills an enormous amount of knowledge into a readable and illustrated form. The author, a renowned calligrapher with over 30 years of experience, held the respect of many ...

ISBN: 9780486275185

Binding: Paperback



Creative Letterforms in Graphic Design

by Brody Neuenschwander

ISBN: 9780714829098

Binding: Paperback


Lewis Carroll

The Man and his Circle

by Edward Wakeling

<p>This new biography of Carroll by leading international authority, Edward Wakeling, presents a fresh appraisal based upon his social circle. Contrary to the claims of many previous authors, Carroll's circle was not child centred: his ...

ISBN: 9780857738516

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Life Style

by Bruce Mau

ISBN: 9780714845203

Binding: Paperback


Lifetime Environmental Impact of Buildings

by Hassan Ait Haddou & Marc Méquignon

<p>This work discusses the impact of the life of buildings on  sustainable development methods. The study of the lifespan of the building is used to assess and manage the environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life, ...

ISBN: 9783319066417

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Lingerie Design:A Complete Course

A Complete Course

by Pamela Powell

ISBN: 9781780677910

Binding: Paperback


Little Book of Typographic Ornament, The

by David Jury

ISBN: 9781780675893

Binding: Hardback


Little Pony Drawing Book


There's only one thing more adorable than a little pony, and that's a little pony cartoonified! | No wonder they've become pop culture superstars, loved by all ages. This book puts you in the creative saddle by showing you--step by friendly ...

ISBN: 9781440340222

Binding: Paperback


Logo Design Idea Book, The

by Heller Steven

ISBN: 9781786274120

Binding: Paperback