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Designing Publics

by Christopher A. Le Dantec

<p><strong>An exploration of design considerations in the design of technologies that support local collective action.</strong></p> <p>Contemporary computing technologies have thoroughly embedded themselves in every aspect of modern ...

ISBN: 9780262337106

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Designing Type

by Cheng Karen

ISBN: 9781786275448

Binding: Paperback


Designing with the Body

Somaesthetic Interaction Design

by Kristina Höök

<p><strong>Interaction design that entails a qualitative shift from a symbolic, language-oriented stance to an experiential stance that encompasses the entire design and use cycle.</strong></p> <p>With the rise of ubiquitous technology, ...

ISBN: 9780262348331

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Designs and Sketches for elBulli


elBulli was undoubtedly the most controversial and experimental 3-star Michelin restaurant in the world and Ferran Adria the chef who earned elBulli its worldwide fame has been acclaimed as the best chef in the world. Ferran and his team at ...

ISBN: 9781911621362

Binding: Hardback


Details, The:Iconic Men's Accessories

Iconic Men's Accessories

by Josh Sims

ISBN: 9781780676098

Binding: Paperback


Diana Vreeland

Empress of Fashion

by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart

This, the first full-length biography of Diana Vreeland, portrays a fashion icon, a fearless innovator who as editor, curator and wit reinvented the way we think about style - inspiring designers, models, photographers and artists. Diana joined ...

ISBN: 9780500771341

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Diana Vreeland:The Eye Has to Travel

The Eye Has to Travel

by Lisa Vreeland

ISBN: 9780810997431

Binding: Hardback


Digital Pattern Cutting For Fashion with Lectra Modaris®

From 2D pattern modification to 3D prototyping

by Patricia Grice

<p>Design your own original 2D patterns and use 3D prototyping to test your designs, achieve the perfect fit and make quick alterations. <em>Pattern Cutting For Fashion with Lectra Modaris</em>® will guide you from the basics of pattern ...

ISBN: 9781350105072

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Digital Textile Printing

by Professor Susan Carden

<p>The development of digital textile printing at the end of the twentieth century has had a profound effect on the design, creation, use and understanding of textiles. This new technology - combined with advances in fabric and dye chemistry - ...

ISBN: 9781474260282

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Dior by Dior

by Christian Dior

Christian Dior (1905-1957) rocketed to fame with his first collection in 1947 when the "New Look" took the world by storm. This charming and modest autobiography gives a fascinating and detailed insight into the workings of a great fashion ...

ISBN: 9781851779789

Binding: Paperback


Dior: A New Look, a New Enterprise (1947-57)

by Alexandra Palmer

In 1947 Christian Dior rocked the fashion world with his New Look, which firmly secured the name of his house in the minds of the public and at the forefront of the industry. He drew on historical models of femininity and the unique skills of ...

ISBN: 9781851779857

Binding: Hardback


DIY Couture:Create Your Own Fashion Collection

Create Your Own Fashion Collection

by Rosie Martin

ISBN: 9781856697996

Binding: Paperback


DIY Fashion:Customize and Personalize

Customize and Personalize

by Selena Francis-Bryden

ISBN: 9781856696531

Binding: Paperback


Do It Yourself

50 Projects by Designers and Artists

by Thomas Barnthaler

ISBN: 9780714870199

Binding: Hardback



Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business

by Frank DeCaro

Since man first walked the Earth...in heels, no other art form has wielded as unique an influence on pop culture as Drag. Drag artists have now sashayed their way to snatch the crowns as the Queens of mainstream entertainment. Through ...

ISBN: 9780847862351

Binding: Hardback


Drape Drape

by Hisako Sato

ISBN: 9781856698412

Binding: Paperback


Drape Drape 3

by Sato

ISBN: 9781780671000

Binding: Paperback


Draping:Techniques for Beginners

Techniques for Beginners

by Sterlacci Francesca

ISBN: 9781786271761

Binding: Paperback


Draping:The Complete Course

The Complete Course

by Karolyn Kiisel

ISBN: 9781780672861

Binding: Paperback


Draplin Design Co.:Pretty Much Everything

Pretty Much Everything

by Aaron James Draplin

ISBN: 9781419720178

Binding: Hardback