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Archidoodle City

An Architect's Activity Book

by No Author Provided

ISBN: 9781780676081

Binding: Paperback


Architect's Guide to Writing: For Design and Construction


ISBN: 9781864705720

Binding: Paperback


Architect's Handbook of Construction Project Management

by David Langford

<P>This book explains the contemporary management processes and strategies employed by practising professionals during the running of construction projects. It takes its framework from the RIBA Plan of Work and the editors have successfully used

ISBN: 9781859461235

Binding: Paperback


Architect's Handbook of Practice Management

8th Edition

by Nigel Ostime

<P>The professional architect?s business management bible has been completely revised and radically overhauled to reflect the very latest practice in today?s cutting-edge architectural environment. Rewritten with an emphasis on the practical ...

ISBN: 9781859463505

Binding: Paperback


Architect's Legal Pocket Book

by Matthew Cousins

<p>A little book that's big on information, the <em>Architect's Legal Pocket Book</em> is the definitive reference on legal issues for architects and architectural students. This handy pocket guide covers key legal principles which will help you

ISBN: 9781317588696

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Architect's Plan of Work

by Roland Phillips

<P>The 'RIBA Outline Plan of Work' has become the de facto standard framework used throughout the construction industry for running a job from inception to completion. This title sets out the various activities at each work stage in a ...

ISBN: 9781859461952

Binding: Paperback


Architect's Pocket Book

by Jonathan Hetreed, Ann Ross & Charlotte Baden-Powell

<p>This handy pocket book brings together a wealth of useful information that architects need on a daily basis – on-site or in the studio. It provides clear guidance and invaluable detail on a wide range of issues, from planning policy through ...

ISBN: 9781317243021

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Architect’s Guide to NEC4

by Frances Forward

<P>This user friendly guide introduces, explains, and demystifies the NEC4 contract on a practical, work-based level. Made for architects by an architect, it explores the best approach to collaborative and contractual partnering work practices. ...

ISBN: 9781859468562

Binding: Paperback


Architects and Intellectual Culture in Post-Restoration England

by Matthew Walker

<p>Architects, Builders, and Intellectual Culture in Restoration England charts the moment when well-educated, well-resourced, English intellectuals first became interested in classical architecture in substantial numbers. This occurred after ...

ISBN: 9780192528537

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Architects at Home


This stunning book takes you on a thrilling tour through the fascinating, eclectic and stylish abodes of some of the world's best-known architects. Not only do these pages offer a rare glimpse into each architect's personal, private environment,

ISBN: 9781864708134

Binding: Hardback


Architects Today

by kester Et Rattenbury

ISBN: 9781856693691

Binding: Hardback


Architects' Data

by Ernst Neufert

<i>Neufert's</i> <i>Architects' Data</i> is an essential reference for the initial design and planning of a building project. It provides, in one concise volume, the core information needed to form the framework for the more detailed design and ...

ISBN: 9781405192538

Binding: Paperback


Architects' Gravesites

A Serendipitous Guide

by Henry H. Kuehn & Paul Goldberger

<p><strong>An illustrated guide to the monumental and non-monumental final resting places of famous architects from Aalto Alvar to Frank Lloyd Wright.</strong></p> <p>All working architects leave behind a string of monuments to themselves in ...

ISBN: 9780262340748

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Architects' Homes


ISBN: 9781864706086

Binding: Hardback


Architects' Houses

Twenty Australian Homes

by Stephen Crafti

Discover how architects design and live in their own homes ...

ISBN: 9781743360538

Binding: Hardback


Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

by Michael Ermann

ISBN: 9781118568491

Binding: Hardback


Architectural Design Sketchbook Volume 2: The Systems of


ISBN: 9781864706710

Binding: Hardback


Architectural Details

A Visual Guide to 5000 Years of Building Styles

by Emily Cole

Do you know a Doric column when you see one? Of course. ...

ISBN: 9781782401698

Binding: Paperback


Architectural Details 2003

by Detail Magazine

<p>This is a compilation of the full year's information, including: the &quot;Discussion&quot; section, where well-known architects and critics as well as specialist authors and architectural historians articulate their views; the ...

ISBN: 9781135143923

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Architectural Details and Measured Drawings of Houses of the Twenties


Provides details for frame houses, houses of brick, brick veneer, stucco, etc., as well as plans for barns, silos, ice houses, and other farm structures. Also includes plans for such interior features as built-in buffets and sideboards, kitchen ...

ISBN: 9780486421568

Binding: Paperback