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American Vignola


ISBN: 9780486283104

Binding: Paperback


American Vitruvius


This atlas of architectural design advocates rational as well as humanistic principles in the development of the urban environment. Drawing upon the ideals that inspired the great Roman architect, it promotes the Vitruvian maxims of longevity, ...

ISBN: 9780486473154

Binding: Paperback


An Architect's Dot-to-Dot

by Nick Lowndes

A dot-to-dot activity book of landmark buildings and architectural icons of the twentieth century. 45 dot-to-dot drawings to fill in, including iconic buildings from all around the world. Each puzzle has over 300 dots. Examples include the ...

ISBN: 9781849944007

Binding: Paperback


An Architect's Guide to Public Procurement

by Fin Garvey

<P>There is suspicion in the UK and across Europe that the upcoming introduction of new European Directives will encourage a regime of conservatism and legal risk aversion, fostering the delivery of mediocre and banal building design. This book ...

ISBN: 9781859465417

Binding: Paperback


An Architecture of Ineloquence

A Study in Modern Architecture and Religion

by J.K. Birksted

<p>Set on a hillside near Cluny, in a region associated with religious institutions and sacred architecture (including Le Corbusier's La Tourette), Le Carmel de la Paix, designed by José Luis Sert, remains tranquilly unvisited and quietly erased

ISBN: 9781351959117

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An Engineer Imagines

by Peter Rice

The long-awaited reissue of the autobiography of Peter Rice, one of the main structural engineers behind the Sydney Opera House, the Pompidou Centre, the Menil Collection and Lloyd's of London. 'I am an engineer. Often people will call me an ...

ISBN: 9781849944236

Binding: Hardback


An Unfinished Experiment in Living

Australian Houses 1950-65

by Geoffrey London

<p>Architect-designed houses of the period 1950-65 proposed an innovative response to the social, economic, and climatic conditions of post-war Australia. At the same time they embraced the aesthetic, technological, and egalitarian aspirations ...

ISBN: 9781742586694

Binding: Paperback


Analysis, Conservation, and Restoration of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

by Carlo Inglese & Alfonso Ippolito

<p>Communities have witnessed a fundamental shift in the ways they interact with heritage sites. Much of this change has been driven by the rapid democratization and widespread adoption of enabling technologies. As expediency is embraced in the ...

ISBN: 9781522569381

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Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture


When this book was first published in 1930, there was no shortage of excellent books dealing with the architectural styles of ancient Egypt; no book of any significance, however, discussed in detail the actual construction methods used to erect ...

ISBN: 9780486264851

Binding: Paperback


Annual Dynamics of Daylight Variability and Contrast

A Simulation-Based Approach to Quantifying Visual Effects in Architecture

by Siobhan Rockcastle & Marilyne Andersen

<p>Daylight is a dynamic source of illumination in architectural space, creating diverse and ephemeral configurations of light and shadow within the built environment. Perceptual qualities of daylight, such as contrast and temporal variability, ...

ISBN: 9781447152330

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Another 100 of the World's Best Houses


Featuring 350 pages of spectacular designs from around the globe in breathtaking full-colour photography with accompanying explanatory drawings - the ultimate companion to best selling title 100 of the World's Best Houses. Designed by some the

ISBN: 9781864704501

Binding: Hardback


Another Escape: Designing the Modern Guest House II


ISBN: 9781864707182

Binding: Hardback


Apartment Living New Zealand

by Catherine Foster

As housing pressures continue unabated, singles, couples and families are finding innovative solutions in heritage buildings, purpose-built developments and spaces creatively fashioned out of disused commercial interiors. <i>Apartment Living New

ISBN: 9780143770510

Binding: Paperback


Apparitions: Architecture That Has Disappeared From Our Cities


ISBN: 9781864705959

Binding: Hardback


Applying the Building Code

Step-by-Step Guidance for Design and Building Professionals

by Ronald L. Geren

<p>Applying the International Building Code (IBC), as well as its companion codes, to building design is a process that is uniquely different to that of applying the building code during a planning review. Whereas other guide books explain the ...

ISBN: 9781118920756

Binding: Paperback


Approved Document B: Fire Safety: v. 2

Buildings Other Than Dwellinghouses: Incorporating Insurers' Requirements for Property Protection

by RIBA Publishing

<P>Presents the extra measures needed for property protection and business resilience beyond those in the 'Building Regulations Approved Document B, Volume 2'. This guide includes RISCAuthority's 'Insurer Requirements for the Implementation of ...

ISBN: 9781859463154

Binding: Paperback


Approved Document F


by Communities & Local Government

<P>The proposed energy efficiency standards in Part L of the Building Regulations are likely to result in more airtight buildings and it is therefore necessary to amend Part F of the Building Regulations at the same time to ensure that adequate ...

ISBN: 9781859463703

Binding: Paperback


Approved Document G 2009

Sanitation, Hot Water and Water Efficiency

by RIBA Publishing

<P>The new 2010 version of "Approved Document G" (sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency) will be available in paper format in Spring 2010. The revised Part G features enhanced hot water safety and efficiency measures for all new ...

ISBN: 9781859463239

Binding: Paperback


Approved Document J

Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems

by RIBA Publishing

<P>Guidance on Part J has been revised to ensure that combustion appliances can continue to function safely in more airtight homes. A new requirement has been introduced for the provision of Carbon Monoxide alarms when installing all solid fuel ...

ISBN: 9781859463710

Binding: Paperback


Approved Document L1A

Conservation of fuel and power (new dwellings)

by Communities & Local Government

<P>The new Part L, due to come into force in October 2010, will require a 25% improvement 2006 standards for every new home. An aggregate approach for improvement of new non-domestic buildings will deliver an improvement of 25% overall, rather ...

ISBN: 9781859463246

Binding: Paperback