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90 Houses of the Twenties


This outstanding house plan catalog from a prominent Midwestern builder was issued on the eve of the Great Depression. Its full-colour, beautifully realistic illustrations depict colonials, bungalows, duplexes, and other residences, accompanied ...

ISBN: 9780486478869

Binding: Paperback


A Burglar's Guide to the City

by Geoff Manaugh

At the core of <i><b>A Burglar's Guide to the City</b></i> is an unexpected and thrilling insight: how any building transforms when seen through the eyes of someone hoping to break into it. Studying architecture the way a burglar would, Geoff ...

ISBN: 9780374117269

Binding: Paperback


A City's Architecture

Aberdeen as 'Designed City'

by William Alvis Brogden

<p>When considering the successful design of cities, the focus tends to be on famous examples such as Paris or Rome, with equally successful but smaller and more remote examples being ignored. In addition, the more diffuse patterns of settlement

ISBN: 9781351962681

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A Client's Guide to Engaging an Architect

Guidance on Hiring an Architect for Your Project

by RIBA Publishing

<P>If you need to know about engaging the services of an architect, this RIBA guide is for you. Straightforward and completely up to date, it sets out everything that you as a client ? whether for domestic, commercial, small or large projects ? ...

ISBN: 9781859464946

Binding: Paperback


A Cottage in the Country

Inspirational Hideaways

by Jane Eastoe

<p>A collection of the most fascinating and picturesque cottages from the National Trust. We all dream of escaping to a hideaway in the country – a green and pleasant idyll of country lanes with hawthorn hedges, a garden filled with hollyhocks ...

ISBN: 9781911358350

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A Cottage in the Country: Inspirational Hideaways

by Jane Eastoe

A collection of the most fascinating and picturesque cottages from the National Trust. We all dream of escaping to a hideaway in the country - a green and pleasant idyll of country lanes with hawthorn hedges, a garden filled with hollyhocks and

ISBN: 9781909881945

Binding: Hardback


A Critical History of Contemporary Architecture


by Elie G. Haddad & David Rifkind

<p>1960, following as it did the last CIAM meeting, signalled a turning point for the Modern Movement. From then on, architecture was influenced by seminal texts by Aldo Rossi and Robert Venturi, and gave rise to the first revisionary movement ...

ISBN: 9781351962599

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A Gendered Profession

by James Benedict Brown

<P>The issue of gender inequality in architecture has been part of the profession’s discourse for many years, yet the continuing gender imbalance in architectural education and practice remains a difficult subject. This book seeks to change ...

ISBN: 9781859469972

Binding: Paperback


A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture

Colonial Networks, Nature and Technoscience

by Jiat-Hwee Chang

<p><em>A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture</em> traces the origins of tropical architecture to nineteenth century British colonial architectural knowledge and practices. It uncovers how systematic knowledge and practices on building and ...

ISBN: 9781317495673

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A Geography of the Lifeworld (Routledge Revivals)

Movement, Rest and Encounter

by David Seamon

<p>Within the modern Western lifestyle increasing conflict is becoming apparent between that patchwork of isolated points such as the home or the office, which are linked by a mechanical system of transportation and communication devices, and a ...

ISBN: 9781317504764

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A Global History of Architecture

by Francis D. K. Ching

ISBN: 9781118981337

Binding: Hardback


A Greene Country Towne

Philadelphia’s Ecology in the Cultural Imagination

by Alan C. Braddock & Laura Turner Igoe

<p>An unconventional history of Philadelphia that operates at the threshold of cultural and environmental studies, <em>A Greene Country Towne</em> expands the meaning of community beyond people to encompass nonhuman beings, things, and ...

ISBN: 9780271078922

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A Guide to Letter Contracts

For very small projects, surveys, and reports

by Roland Phillips

<P>On very small projects, many architects prefer to make the contract with their client by means of a letter rather than a Standard Form of Appointment. However, as this guide points out, there are inherent risks for both the client and the ...

ISBN: 9781859464632

Binding: Paperback


A History of Architecture and Urbanism in the Americas

by Clare Cardinal-Pett

<p> <em>A History of Architecture and Urbanism in the Americas</em> is the first comprehensive survey to narrate the urbanization of the Western Hemisphere, from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, making it a vital resource to help you understand ...

ISBN: 9781317431244

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A History of Design from the Victorian Era to the Present

A Survey of the Modern Style in Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Photography

by Ann Ferebee

<p>An abundantly illustrated overview of modern design across continents and cultures, highlighting key movements and design traditions.</p> <p>A unique cross-disciplinary survey of design history, <em style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; ...

ISBN: 9780393732726

Binding: Paperback


A House In The City

Home Truths in Urban Architecture

by Robert Dalziel

What makes a great house in the city? This title examines what has worked well in some of the most successful housing types throughout the world ? from old to new, high rise to low rise, innovative to conventional. Alongside editor Tim Battle, ...

ISBN: 9781859464526

Binding: Paperback


A Joosr Guide to... The Power Broker by Robert Caro: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York

by Joosr

<p>In today's fast-paced world, it's tough to find the time to read. But with Joosr guides, you can get the key insights from bestselling non-fiction titles in less than 20 minutes. Whether you want to gain knowledge on the go or find the books ...

ISBN: 9781785674105

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A Landscape of Architecture, History and Fiction

by Jonathan Hill

<p>Architecture can be analogous to a history, a fiction, and a landscape. We expect a history or a novel to be written in words, but they can also be cast in concrete or seeded in soil. The catalyst to this tradition was the simultaneous and ...

ISBN: 9781317528579

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A Lexical Description of English for Architecture

A Corpus-based Approach

by Begoña Soneira

<p>This book offers a thorough lexical description of an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) variety, English for Architecture, by means of a selfmade corpus. As other knowledge communities, Architecture practitioners have a distinctive ...

ISBN: 9783035194562

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A Life in Education and Architecture

Mary Beaumont Medd

by Catherine Burke

<p>This book provides a detailed exploration of the relationships between individual architects, educators, artists and designers that laid the foundation and shaped the approach to designing new school buildings in post-war Britain. It explores

ISBN: 9781317187684

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