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Building the Japanese House Today

by Peggy Landers Rao

ISBN: 9780810959316

Binding: Hardback


Building the Modern Church

Roman Catholic Church Architecture in Britain, 1955 to 1975

by Robert Proctor

<p>Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, architectural historian Robert Proctor examines the transformations in British Roman Catholic church architecture that took place in the two decades surrounding this crucial event. Inspired by new

ISBN: 9781317170853

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Building the New Millennium

Architecture at the Start of the 21st Century

by Phaidon Editors

ISBN: 9780714856001

Binding: Hardback


Building Transatlantic Italy

Architectural Dialogues with Postwar America

by Paolo Scrivano

<p>At the end of the Second World War, America’s newly acquired status of hegemonic power- together with the launch of ambitious international programs such as the Marshall Plan- significantly altered existing transatlantic relations. In this ...

ISBN: 9781317170822

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Building Washington

Engineering and Construction of the New Federal City, 1790-1840

by Robert J. Kapsch

<p>In 1790, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson set out to build a new capital for the United States of America in just ten years. The area they selected on the banks of the Potomac River, a spot halfway between the northern and southern ...

ISBN: 9781421424880

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Building with Stone


Enhance your life with beautiful and durable stone structures. With easy-to-follow instructions and an approachable style, master stonemason Charles McRaven guides you through a variety of building projects that include walls, dams, bridges, and

ISBN: 9780882665504

Binding: Paperback


Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems (BIPVS)

Performance and Modeling Under Outdoor Conditions

by Andrés Julián Aristizábal Cardona, Carlos Arturo Páez Chica & Daniel Hernán Ospina Barragán

<p>This book discusses building-integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV) and provides solutions for solving problems related to designing, sizing and monitoring a BIPV that has been used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the ...

ISBN: 9783319719313

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Buildings of Empire

by Ashley Jackson

<p>Buildings of Empire takes the reader on an exciting journey through thirteen territories of the British Empire. From Dublin Castle to the glass and steel of Sir Norman Foster's Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank skyscraper, these buildings capture ...

ISBN: 9780191625183

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Buildings That Feel Good

by Ziona Strelitz

What makes a building good? The question is the central challenge facing architects and ultimately can only be answered by looking at what has worked well in the past. Lavishly illustrated in full colour, this refreshingly original book is ...

ISBN: 9781859462966

Binding: Hardback


Built Idea

Alberto Campo Baeza

by Oscar Riera Ojeda

Architects reveal the keys to Architecture in their drawings, their floor plans, sections and also in their writings. It is important to appreciate the concise texts of Mies Van der Rohe or the more passionate expressions of Le Corbusier. And ...

ISBN: 9789881512536

Binding: Paperback


Bungalow Book


Cozy, charming, and distinctly Californian, the bungalow is an enduring architectural icon. Originally designed to survive earthquakes, the low, rambling structures combined grace, beauty, and comfort at minimum cost.Early in the twentieth ...

ISBN: 9780486451046

Binding: Paperback


Bungalow: From Heritage to Contemporary

by Patrick Reynolds

<b>A glorious celebration of one of New Zealand's most significant residential architectural styles.</b> <BR><BR>If you live in a house built before 1940, chances are it's a bungalow. It may be small and utilitarian, or it may be a high-flown ...

ISBN: 9781775535911

Binding: Hardback


Buried City, Unearthing Teufelsberg

Berlin and its Geography of Forgetting

by Benedict Anderson

<p>Cities are built over the remnants of their past buried beneath their present. We build on what has been built before, whether over foundations formalising previous permanency or over the temporal occupations of ground. But what happens when ...

ISBN: 9781317170679

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Burmese Design and Architecture

by A Birnhaum

<p>Burmese design, heavily influenced by its proximity to China and India, is a many-layered thing, interwoven with spiritual, religious and political messages.&nbsp;<i>Burmese Design &amp; Architecture</i>&nbsp;takes an in-depth look at the ...

ISBN: 9780794604639

Binding: Paperback


C F A Voysey

by Wendy Hitchmough

ISBN: 9780714837123

Binding: Paperback


Cabin Porn

by Zach Klein

'Addictive ... a charter for wistfulness' <i>Observer</i><BR>'An enchanting rabbit hole of handmade houses' <i>The New York Times</i><BR>'The Bible of pared back, natural living' <i>Der Spiegel</i><BR>'Take a deep breath and let the inspiration ...

ISBN: 9780141982144

Binding: Paperback



by Jodidio Philip

Ever since Henry David Thoreaursquo;s described his two years, two months, and two days of cabin existence at Walden Pond, Massachusetts in Walden, or, Life in the Woods (1854), the idea of a refuge dwelling has seduced the modern psyche. In the

ISBN: 9783836550260

Binding: Hardback


Cabins: Hidden Places, Stylish Spaces


Almost everyone has indulged in the irresistible notion of carving out a romantic rural refuge in a typically rustic setting, beside a beach or meadow, in the mountains, or other pristine environments. This book brings together the infinite ...

ISBN: 9781864708332

Binding: Hardback


Cad Fundamentals for Architecture

by Elys John

ISBN: 9781780672823

Binding: Paperback


Cadfan's Church

A History with Digressions

by Meryl Gover

<p>St Cadfan's Church, Tywyn, is said to be &quot;as remarkable a church as any in Wales, despite the ravages of time&quot; (Buildings of Wales: Gwynedd). Its unadorned Romanesque arches, and the Cadfan Stone on which is carved the oldest known ...

ISBN: 9781784629861

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