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Art of Classical Details


ISBN: 9781864702033

Binding: Hardback


Art of Japanese Architecture

by Michiko Kimura Young

<p>Simplicity, asymmetry, sensitivity to the natural environment, and the use of&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">natural materials are the hallmarks of Japanese architecture. This book provides&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: ...

ISBN: 9784805313022

Binding: Paperback


Arts & Crafts Style

by Isabelle Anscombe

ISBN: 9780714834696

Binding: Paperback


Asia Home

Inspirational Design Ideas

by Michael Freeman

Featuring hundreds of stunning photographs and thoughtful commentary, this Asian interior design book will add a distinctly Eastern flare to your collection. The global exchange of design and taste is at its most fertile between Asia and the ...

ISBN: 9780804848145

Binding: Hardback


Assessment of Total Evacuation Systems for Tall Buildings

by Enrico Ronchi & Daniel Nilsson

<p>This SpringerBrief focuses on the use of egress models to assess the optimal strategy for total evacuation in high-rise buildings. It investigates occupant relocation and evacuation strategies involving the exit stairs, elevators, sky bridges

ISBN: 9781493910748

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Asymptote; Flux

by Lise Anne Couture

ISBN: 9780714841724

Binding: Hardback


Atlas of Brutalist Architecture

by Editors Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714875668

Binding: Hardback


Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses

by Dominic Bradbury

ISBN: 9780714876740

Binding: Hardback


Atmospheric Architectures

The Aesthetics of Felt Spaces

by Professor Gernot Böhme

<p>There is fast-growing awareness of the role atmospheres play in architecture. Of equal interest to contemporary architectural practice as it is to aesthetic theory, this 'atmospheric turn' owes much to the work of the German philosopher ...

ISBN: 9781474258098

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Architectural Meaning after the Crisis of Modern Science

by Alberto Pérez-Gómez

<p><strong>How architecture can move beyond the contemporary enthusiasms for the technically sustainable and the formally dazzling to enhance our human values and capacities.</strong></p> <p>Architecture remains in crisis, its social relevance ...

ISBN: 9780262333337

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Auguste Perret

by Karla Britton

ISBN: 9780714840437

Binding: Hardback


Australia's Home

by Robin Boyd

<p>Since its first publication by Melbourne University Press <em>Australia's Home</em> has been in constant demand. The author summarises his story, from 1788 to 1960, as 'a material triumph and an aesthetic calamity'. Readers have thoroughly ...

ISBN: 9780522865097

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Australia’s Metropolitan Imperative

An Agenda for Governance Reform

by Richard Tomlinson

<p>Since the early 1990s there has been a global trend towards governmental devolution. However, in Australia, alongside deregulation, public–private partnerships and privatisation, there has been increasing centralisation rather than ...

ISBN: 9781486307968

Binding: Paperback


Australian Native Plants

The Kings Park Experience

by Mark Webb

Australian Native Plants provides a comprehensive guide to the horticulture of our native plants. Based on nearly 50 years of experience at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, the book describes the necessary growing conditions for mainly ...

ISBN: 9780643107007

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Australian Ugliness, The

by Boyd Robin

Fifty years after its first publication, Robin Boyd's bestselling <i>The Australian Ugliness </i>remains the definitive statement on how we live and think in the environments we create for ourselves. In it Boyd rallied against Australia's ...

ISBN: 9781921656224

Binding: Paperback


Australian Ugliness: Text Classics, The

by Robin Boyd

<b> Introduced by Christos Tsiolkas </b> <i>There can be few other nations which are less certain than Australia as to what they are and where they are.</i> Brilliant, witty, scathing, <i>The Australian Ugliness</i> is the classic postwar ...

ISBN: 9781921922442

Binding: Paperback


Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses


When the authors, a pair of respected architects, first published this beautiful book in the late Victorian era, they meant it as a wakeup call to the forward-looking homeowners of the time - inviting them to eschew ""the old puritanical hatred ...

ISBN: 9780486417745

Binding: Paperback


Authentic Reconstruction

Authenticity, Architecture and the Built Heritage

by Peter Larkham, John Bold & Robert Pickard

<p>Notions of authenticity lie at the heart of many questions about heritage and identity in the built environment. These questions are most pertinent when buildings have been destroyed in disaster or war, and the built fabric is being ...

ISBN: 9781474284059

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Authentic Small Houses of the Twenties


The dream of owning a private home became a reality for many Americans in the prosperous years immediately following World War I. But not all prospective homeowners could easily afford the services of an architect, so the nonprofit Architects' ...

ISBN: 9780486254067

Binding: Paperback


Autobiography of an Idea


This autobiography is a fascinating look at the early creative years of the pioneering American architect and theorist called the "father of the skyscraper." Includes a wealth of projects, insights, and evaluations. The famous American ...

ISBN: 9780486202815

Binding: Paperback