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Architecture RePerformed: The Politics of Reconstruction

by Dr Tino Mager

<p>First emerging at the beginning of the twentieth century, architectural reconstruction has increasingly become an instrument to visually revive a long bygone past. This book deals with the phenomenon of meticulous reconstruction in ...

ISBN: 9781472459350

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Architecture Timed

Designing with Time in Mind

by Karen A. Franck

<p><b>Contributors include:</b> Karsten Harries, Juhani Pallasmaa, Federica Goffi, Richard Garber and Eric Parry</p> <p><b>Designers featured include:</b> Enric Miralles, Carlo Scarpa, Eric Parry Architects, Diller Scofidio and Renfro, UNStudio,

ISBN: 9781118910641

Binding: Paperback


Architecture Today

by James Steele

ISBN: 9780714836171

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Architecture Today

by James Steele

ISBN: 9780714840970

Binding: Paperback


Architecture Visionaries

by Richard Weston

ISBN: 9781780675725

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Architecture with and without Le Corbusier

Jose Oubrerie Architecte

by Oscar Riera Ojeda

Architecture with and without Le Corbusier documents two architectural masterpieces: the Church at Firminy and The Miller House. The church is a late work by Le Corbusier that was left unfinished for 40 years. ...

ISBN: 9789881512574

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Architecture's Historical Turn

Phenomenology and the Rise of the Postmodern

by Jorge Otero-Pailos

Traces the hidden history of architectural phenomenology, a movement that reflected a key turning point in the early phases of postmodernism and a legitimating source for those architects who first dared to confront history as an intellectual ...

ISBN: 9780816666041

Binding: Paperback


Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

by Dr Julio Bermudez, Dr Phillip James Tabb & Professor Thomas Barrie

<p>Architecture has long been understood as a cultural discipline able to articulate the human condition and lift the human spirit, yet the spirituality of architecture is rarely directly addressed in academic scholarship.</p><p>The seventeen ...

ISBN: 9781472441737

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Architecture, Death and Nationhood

Monumental Cemeteries of Nineteenth-Century Italy

by Hannah Malone

<p>In the nineteenth century, new cemeteries were built in many Italian cities that were unique in scale and grandeur, and which became destinations on the Grand Tour. From the Middle Ages, the dead had been buried in churches and urban ...

ISBN: 9781317089889

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Architecture, Engineering and Environ

by d Hawkes

ISBN: 9781856693226

Binding: Hardback


Architecture, Industry and Innovation

The Early Work of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners

by Colin Amery

ISBN: 9780714839349

Binding: Paperback


Architecture, Islam, and Identity in West Africa

Lessons from Larabanga

by Michelle Apotsos

<p><em>Architecture, Islam, and Identity in West Africa</em> shows you the relationship between architecture and Islamic identity in West Africa. The book looks broadly across Muslim West Africa and takes an in-depth study of the village of ...

ISBN: 9781317275541

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Architecture, Liberty and Civic Order

Architectural Theories from Vitruvius to Jefferson and Beyond

by Professor Carroll William Westfall

<p>This book brings to light central topics that are neglected in current histories and theories of architecture and urbanism. These include the role of imitation in earlier centuries and its potential role in present practice; the necessary ...

ISBN: 9781472456557

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Architecture, Media, and Memory

Facing Complexity in Post-9/11 New York

by Joel McKim

<p><em>Architecture, Media and Memory</em> examines the wide range of urban sites impacted by September 11 and its aftermath – from the spontaneous memorials that emerged in Union Square in the hours after the attacks, to the reconstruction at ...

ISBN: 9781350037649

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Architecture: A History in 100 Buildings

by Dan Cruickshank

This stunning book by renowned television historian Dan Cruickshank tells the history of architecture through the stories of 100 iconic buildings. Journeying through time and place, from the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the soaring skyscrapers ...

ISBN: 9780007581085

Binding: Paperback


Architecture: A Very Short Introduction

by Andrew Ballantyne

<p>This highly original and sophisticated look at architecture helps us to understand the cultural significance of the buildings that surround us. It avoids the traditional style-spotting approach in favour of giving an idea of what it is about ...

ISBN: 9780191579219

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Architecture: A Visual History

by DK

<i>Architecture </i>tells the story of the world's most incredible buildings, from the ancient world to the present day.<br>Take a closer look at the beautiful details, principal elements, and decorative features of every architectural style, ...

ISBN: 9780241288436

Binding: Hardback


Architecture: Form, Space, and Order, 4e Interactive Resource Center Access Card

by Francis D. K. Ching

<p><i>The Interactive Resource Center</i> is an online learning environment where instructors and students can access the tools they need to make efficient use of their time, while reinforcing and assessing their understanding of keyconcepts for

ISBN: 9781118986837

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Architectures of Chance

by Yeoryia Manolopoulou

<p>Architectural discourse and practice are dominated by a false dichotomy between design and chance, and governed by the belief that the architect’s role is to defend against the indeterminate. In Architectures of Chance Yeoryia Manolopoulou ...

ISBN: 9781351957311

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by Phaidon

ISBN: 9780714870540

Binding: Hardback