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Paper and Ink Workshop

Printmaking techniques using a variety of methods and materials

by John Foster

ISBN: 9781592538607

Binding: Paperback


Pastel Step by Step

Master the basic skills and special techniques of painting in pastel

by Marla Baggetta

ISBN: 9781560108016

Binding: Paperback


Pastel: Basics

Learn fundamental techniques for using this fun and colorful medium

by Alain Picard

ISBN: 9781600583414

Binding: Paperback


Pencil Drawing Step by Step

Master the art of drawing in graphite pencil

by Cynthia Knox

<i>Pencil Drawing Step by Step</i> provides fresh, contemporary instructions and subject matter for artists who want to master the art of drawing in graphite pencil. ...

ISBN: 9781600583698

Binding: Paperback


Perfectly Mindful Origami - Origami Zodiac East and West

by Mark Bolitho

Origami expert Mark Bolitho explains how to make perfectly formed origami objects, thematically linked to Eastern and Western zodiac signs, that are pleasing to fold and make.<br> ...

ISBN: 9781911127123

Binding: Paperback


Pinterest Perfect!

Creative prompts & pin-worthy projects inspired by the artistic community of Pinterest

by Walter Foster Creative Team

ISBN: 9781600583964

Binding: Paperback


Platform Papers 27: Hello World!

Promoting the Arts on the Web

by Robert Reid

<span style="" >One of the most dizzying examples of the transformative power of the internet has been the popular emergence of self broadcasting websites and individual blogs. Audiences for these social media are no longer restricted to ...

ISBN: 9780980798241

Binding: Paperback


Play With Me

"Dolls, Women and Art"

by Grace Banks

ISBN: 9781786270825

Binding: Hardback


Playing with Type

50 graphic experiments for exploring typographic design principles

by Lara McCormick

ISBN: 9781592538171

Binding: Paperback


Pomp and Power: Drawings from Versailles


This lavish and beautiful book illustrates and discusses 52 French drawings dating from the late 17th to the early 19th century, all from the extraordinary collection Chateau de Versailles. Together the drawings tell the story of the major ...

ISBN: 9780900785993

Binding: Paperback



Master the basic theories and techniques of painting portraits in acrylic

by Susan Miller Bradbury

ISBN: 9781600583933

Binding: Paperback


Portrayal and the Search for Identity

by Marcia Pointon

We are surrounded by portraits: from the cipher-like portrait of a queen on a bank note to security pass photos; from images of politicians in the media to Facebook; from galleries exhibiting Titian or Leonardo to contemporary art featuring the ...

ISBN: 9781780230412

Binding: Hardback


Postcards from the Trenches

by Irene Guenther

German art student Otto Schubert was 22 years old when he was drafted into the Great War. As the conflict unfolded, he painted a series of postcards that he sent to his sweetheart, Irma. During the battles of Ypres and Verdun, Schubert filled ...

ISBN: 9781350015753

Binding: Hardback


Practical Watercolours

Materials, Techniques & Projects

by Curtis Tappenden

This is the perfect introduction for anyone who's thought about painting in watercolour but isn't sure where to start. ...

ISBN: 9781782402411

Binding: Paperback


Red Hot Sriracha

50 Recipes that Will Kick Your Ass!

by Melissa Petitto

ISBN: 9781631060489

Binding: Hardback


Renaissance Art

by Tom Nichols

The fifteenth century saw the evolution of a distinct and powerfully influential European artistic culture. But what does the familiar phrase “Renaissance Art” actually refer to? Through engaging discussion of timeless works by artists such as ...

ISBN: 9781743105269

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Renaissance Art: A Beginners Guide

by Tom Nichols

The fifteenth century saw the evolution of a distinct and powerfully influential European artistic culture. But what does the familiar phrase Renaissance Art actually refer to' Through engaging discussion of timeless works by artists such as Jan

ISBN: 9781851687244

Binding: Paperback


Rogues' Gallery

A History of Art and its Dealers

by Philip Hook

Sotheby's art expert exposes five centuries of history, scandals, big wins and horrifying losses in the international art world. ...

ISBN: 9781781255704

Binding: Hardback


Rubens: the Adoration of the Magi


In 1609 Rubens painted a large Adoration of the Magi for the Antwerp Town Hall. The painting made its way to the King of Spain and Rubens, arriving at the Spanish court in 1628, repainted, extended and refashioned the picture to his own ...

ISBN: 9781903470398

Binding: Paperback


Russian Futurism: David Burliuk-the Father of Russian Futurism


The subject of Russian Futurism is familiar only to experts, and based on highly limited material. No other movement appears to have evoked quite the same public response, having, as it does, social roots. Referred to as 'the art of the future' ...

ISBN: 9783930775910

Binding: Hardback