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Anatomy of Design

Uncovering the Influences and Inspiration in Modern Graphic Design

by Steven Heller

ISBN: 9781592535545

Binding: Paperback


Anatomy of Steampunk

The Fashion of Victorian Futurism

by Katherine Gleason

ISBN: 9781937994280

Binding: Hardback


Ancient Times

Step-by- step instructions for 18 ancient characters and civilizations

by Bob Berry

ISBN: 9781600583100

Binding: Paperback


Anthony Whishaw


The subjects and styles of Anthony Whishaw RA's creations span a truly exceptional range. He paints in concurrent series, which sometimes overlap to form unexpected hybrids. His paintings vary in scale from only 20 cm to nearly 7 metres in ...

ISBN: 9781910350416

Binding: Hardback



by Quarto UK

ISBN: 9781781311233

Binding: Hardback


Antique White Pocket Extender

by Walter Foster Publishing

ISBN: 9781560106395

Binding: Paperback


Apollo's Angels

A History Of Ballet

by Jennifer Homans

A groundbreaking and beautifully written history of ballet, from its origins to the present, by a dancer turned historian and critic- will do for ballet what Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise did for music. ...

ISBN: 9781847082565

Binding: Paperback


Archie & Friends Blank Notecards & Envelopes

Set of 16 featuring four different images

by Walter Foster Creative Team

ISBN: 9781600584657

Binding: Paperback


Archie & Friends Journals

Set of three 48-page lined notebooks

by Walter Foster Creative Team

ISBN: 9781600584640

Binding: Paperback



A Guide to Spotting & Sketching Urban Landscapes

by Simone Ridyard

The urban sketcher's ultimate guide to drawing buildings! ...

ISBN: 9781845436285

Binding: Paperback


Architects' Houses

Twenty Australian Homes

by Stephen Crafti

Discover how architects design and live in their own homes ...

ISBN: 9781743360538

Binding: Hardback


Architecture in Detail


by Oscar Riera Ojeda

ISBN: 9781592532872

Binding: Paperback


Art Deco 1910-1939

by C;Benton, T;Wood, G Benton

Art Deco - the style redolent of the flapper girl, the luxury ocean liner, Hollywood film and the skyscraper - came to epitomize the glamour, luxury and hedonism of the Jazz Age. It burst on to the world stage at the 1925 Exposition ...

ISBN: 9781851778331

Binding: Hardback


Art Directing Projects for Print

Solutions and Strategies for Creative Success

by Tony Seddon

ISBN: 9782888930204

Binding: Paperback


Art in History, 600 BC - 2000 AD: Ideas in Profile

by Martin Kemp

A richly detailed guide to our culture, our history, our heritage and our art from religious painting to postmodernism by one of the world's greatest art historians. ...

ISBN: 9781781253366

Binding: Paperback


Art of Acrylic Painting

Discover all the techniques you need to know to create beautiful paintings in acrylic

by Walter Foster Creative Team

ISBN: 9781560109143

Binding: Paperback


Art of Basic Drawing

Discover simple step-by-step techniques for drawing a wide variety of subjects in pencil

by Walter Foster Creative Team

ISBN: 9781560109136

Binding: Paperback


Art of Ethiopia


The hand crosses, icons and illuminated manuscripts of Ethiopian Christianity are the subject of this slim, lavishly illustrated volume, a treasure of devotional art. Though today a majority of its citizens are Muslim, Ethiopia-the oldest ...

ISBN: 9780954901462

Binding: Paperback


Art of Hokusai

by Heather Rodino

The life and work of Katsushika Hokusai, beautifully illustrated with perforated templates to help you learn to create similar art. ...

ISBN: 9781577151203

Binding: Paperback


Art Theft and the Case of the Stolen Turners

by Sandy Nairne

The theft of high-profile works of art is not new and recurs on a fairly regular basis. In 1994 two important paintings by J.M.W Turner (then valued at 24 million) were stolen from a public gallery in Frankfurt while on loan from the Tate in ...

ISBN: 9781780230207

Binding: Paperback